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10 Non-Chinese Chinese Foods

Did you know, you cannot find the fortune cookie in China? See 10 non-Chinese Chinese foods that are virtually non-existent in China. Note: Sweet & sour pork is an actual Cantonese dish (咕咾肉)but the one we are talking about is the super sweet, super gooey and deep fried one with lots of batter that’s catered to American taste buds.

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  1. The only Chinese food i know of that is actually chinese – nikuman and gyoza lol, unsure about the rest

  2. My Mum has been to Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan) and from her I know a lot of the common takeaway dishes are inaccurate – even sushi, which at least looks like the stuff in Japan, is westernised and uses western vegetables – but I still love them. If I ever get to go visit Asia (which will only ever happen if I win a big Lotto win), I'll try the genuine stuff while there.

  3. Are Chow Fun authentic? I love my Chow Fun Noodles! =D I'm half Hispanic/White but I love Asian food with a passion. Even Japanese food, which I haven't seen a video yet of you guys eating Japanese food, but I can't wait to see when you guys get down on some Udon Noodle Soup and some other Japanese deliciousness. By the way, do you guys do food from India? I <3 OTGW!! =D

  4. I'm a Chinese and I admit that there's no such thing as Duck Sauce in China, but it was first created in Hong Kong not in America.

  5. I had 20 spring rolls yesterday from hot wok in the shopping center. Seems legit. $2 for 10. Im going to try eat 30 next time.
    Cool story bro needs more dragons.

    Good video team.

  6. There's a restaurant I go to, that actually has a peanut chicken.

  7. I was taught this many years ago that the food they make here is not made the same over in China… But I have an idea for an entrepreneur Chinese person looking to start something new.. Think of a traditional Chinese name for a chain restaurant that one could open.. (and make the name impossible for Americans to pronounce correctly.. That is part of the fun….. Make sure to emphasize in the main sign IMPORTED and EXOTIC Chinese food.. And cook and serve the real traditional Chinese foods… Open these stores all across the states..
    Over here we are used to "imports" and we know if the store says imported foods its going to taste different from what we are used to and we expect it.. It makes it a lot of fun..I am willing to try and would love to see what the "real " Chinese dinners taste like.. o <

  8. Chiken tika is mine ya 

  9. I never had real Chinese food. I've been living a lie.😭😭😭😭

  10. Hmm, I grew up right outside of Vancouver and my parents are from HK, I've never eaten crab rangoon, chop suey,egg foo young, or white bread instead of the steamed pancake for peking duck. Egg rolls were the cookie rolls you would pretend were cigars as you ate them, and the rest we only ever encountered in buffets :P

  11. i thought that sweet sour pork is 荔枝肉 which is made in Fuzhou Fujian

  12. I am Chinese and this reminds me the time I worked in a non-authentic Chinese restaurant in Manhattan ( btw, most Chinese restaurants but not all of them in Manhattan, are not authentic at all, lol. )  Anyway, I was a food packer in the kitchen. All I could hear from the Chinese chef is while I was so hungry and eat the leftover, they kept stopping me and said this bad food is for "foreigners", how bad it was, etc. It sounded so weird like I really didn't know that or I really enjoyed that as a Chinese. I was just too hungry to be picky, lol.

    Anyway, whether or not you want to try authentic Chinese cuisine like a lot of Americans in flushing, or just like those inventions that Chinese never eat or enjoy. Just good for you! :P

  13. My favourite foods are Peking duck, and dumplings … mmmm, delicious… :3
    Unfortunately, I don't know where I can taste hot pot here Spain…

  14. Kang Kong think how say it lol my mum makes it spicy so good… Chili crab…

  15. One more thing, Tea Eggs are an awesome thing to wake up to.

  16. Yep, Anthony Bordain confirmed some of these a few years back, but the Mongolian Beef thing is semi-surprising. This is why I go straight to the Horse's mouth and buy from local Asian markets and produce sellers rather than the "Asian" aisle of the grocery stores. Prices tend to be cheaper, the variety and choices are far superior, and I can say this with 110% honesty: I've never had food poisoning from any of the products I bought, yet I've had food poisoning several times from stuff I bought from American supermarket shelves.

  17. favorite when going for chinese is Moo Goo Gai Pan … don't know if it's an authentic dish but hey it's tasty

  18. I love sweet and sour pork/chicken but I like it the Cantonese way I hate the over gooey crap it makes me ill.

  19. Now i knw why American get fat with fake Chinese food 🙁 here it tastes horrible even the dumplings and i luv dumplings 🙁 good thing is that we buy them at a Thai restaurant and there are good 🙂

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