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8 Dishes You MUST Try When Eating Northeastern Chinese Food!

Here’s what you need to know about one of the most popular Chinese cuisines. Northeastern Chinese food!

Here’s the restaurant we were at:
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  1. Great video! What's the name of the restaurant?

  2. But I have never had that dish in China with wasabi oil though lol

  3. wait! using Wasabi-oil..? it ain't Chinese food. Wasabi is a Japanese green-mustard only using for fresh fish, like Sushi and Sashimi. "asian fusion cuisine", isn't it?

  4. cilantro tastes like soap… sorry

  5. can you guys try chinese food from other countries?

  6. dude in the Batman shirt. urgh he annoyes me. Seriously he seems to talk over everyone.

  7. "Some people dont like cilantro, i dont understand you" HAHAHHAHAHAHA

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  11. Yeah, S & S pork dish looked great. I have to go back to Flushing because it's been 40 years since I've had this. You know it's authentic when you get that "crunch" when you bite into it. So…effin…good!

    What is the name and address of this restaurant?

  12. Damn a river runs thru it. Do you even have taste buds left. lol

  13. i come from jilin province.

  14. 作为一个在英国的东北人,看这个真是痛并快乐着啊。馋死我了!1

  15. Hey, Guobaorou is not Tenderloin, in is usually thin wide slices of pork, in a more liquidy sour sauce.

    Tangsu liji is Tenderlong strips in a thicker and a bit sweeter sauce.

    Both are amazing sweet and sour pork dish.

    Also Soup like that is enjoyed in Northern and Eastern Europe.

  16. I want wasabi oil. Is it made the same way hot oil is made or is actual oil pressed from the plant material?

  17. Mike, u need to find a 卷饼 place in the states!! a place where you can wrap different things inside the dough wrap

  18. born in Shenyang, and the dumpling that has shrimp inside, is usually chives, fried eggs, and shrimp. Another popular all veggie dish is called "Red light Green light" stir fried tomato(red light), potato(orange light), and bell pepper(green light)

  19. As northeaster, I really recommand the rice there because it's the most delicious rice in China.

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