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Aberdeen Mall’s Asian Food Court, Richmond,( Vancouver)B C Canada ( FULL CLIPS )

This place, is one of the largest Chinese mall & Asian food court, you can find in America. Since some of you , like to watch this type of educational / sight seeing / tour video. So, here is it. It also include close up video- food we ordered for our lunch. and some few captions.


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  1. Omg I used to live near this mall!!!! I love and miss the diversity of Vancouver! Love ur vids .. All the recipes I tried from your channel turn out delicious !!!!

  2. I spent two fantastic weeks in Vancouver back in 2011 and loved every minute of it. Spent most of my time in Chinatown & Metrotown.

  3. Thanks for sharing. 10 x Likes. Do they have Thai/Malaysian Foods?

  4. Everything looks great! Thanks!

  5. OMG I'm going to go through the screen and eat your food ! lol …… Looks so delicious.

  6. You're Filipino canadian!!? So am I! I miss Vancouver!

  7. YUM. I wanna go there. Now i'm hungry. Mahalo for sharing.

  8. Wow I use to work in that mall.

  9. We drive up here once a year from Oregon. We always get the shaved ice with fruit.

  10. The prices were very reasonable, considering how much you get.

  11. Please visit victoria Bc, i live in there.. So u can teach me how to cook

  12. Wow! We live in the same city! I am very happy right now~ haha love Aberdeen food court~

  13. I was there few years ago… Still remember how tasty Leung Kee's dishes were… Thanks for uploading! 😍

  14. Mmm. There's a place there that I like to get shaved ice dessert in the food court.

  15. Either you traveled here or you live pretty close by

  16. some of my favorites near the end: rice noodle with beef, spare ribs, roast duck over rice. no hamburger, pizza, or hot dogs at the food court? lol more asians than vancouver? i thought vancouver had the biggest chinatown in canada.

  17. there is one here in Flushing, NY…haven't tried it but I think it's mostly chinese by way of China, encompassing many regions there. btw..I'd like a little more bean sprouts and scallions on my hor fun, spare ribs looks good though.

  18. Dam look so good :3

  19. I want that roasted duck NOW lol!! All that looked so yummy,it would take me all day just to make up my mind on what to eat!!

  20. That looks exactly like a mall I went to in Hong Kong. Same circular layout and everything.

  21. looks yummy and a lot of food. some Asian restaurant I go to only give u little food only. also much much those food cost?

  22. Awesome That's Where I Want to Go where the Chinese Go, Eat.

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