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Amazing Sichuan- Food Lovers Heaven!

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Join the Food Ranger for a walk through some of Chengdu’s most lively areas and a taste of its best food! SPICY!


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  1. Do like spicy food too. Have you been to Yunnan as it has lots of spicy food too. 😊

  2. Che le yi hou huai bu huai la du zi? Ni yao xiao xing! I would be careful with all that spicy stuff and getting you to the bathroom the next day. The food looks delicious though.

  3. do you eat up everything you order?

  4. What is the song playing throughout the video? I'd love to know!

  5. I love China people, I love Canada people.

  6. i love chinese food!!!

  7. Chun Yang noodle shop is my favourite!!!!! I almost went to there 3 times a week. I miss that flavor a lot, right now I am in USA, I wan to cry when I see this video. I always buy a shaved ice and took it to the noodle shop cause my favorate 椒香牛肉麵 is god damn spicy but I am addicted to it!!! after I ate the noodle, i felt like drunk but chill. I miss the flavor so much!!!! and omg i am so surprised that you finished them all!!!!!!! you level is much higher than me““even I am a sichuan girl.

  8. Trevor when you order all that food .. do you finish them all yourself ?? O_O ahahaha u know or you and the samera man eat till you're full !

  9. It shows GREAT respect to a country when you take the time to learn their language. I wish others respected English who are not form America. It just seems right–great video

  10. I didn't sleep last night cos I was watching most of your video, how sad I feel sick now cos of sleepless.

  11. I really like your video dear

  12. Lol Trevor I thought you were rapping in chinese along with the opening music when you are reading the introductory lines

  13. awesome, you clearly handle getting stared at very well. I didn't like the constant staring in China but you seem to just plow on regardless and boss it.

  14. Took out my reading glasses Trevor for this video blog….LOL

  15. amazing language. I kept starring at you and thought….he really speaks Chinese 😄, thumbs up Foodranger

  16. guandong shunde 顺德cooking is very good.

  17. It is better you speak cantonese for those that love the food and are learning the language. Great job !!!

  18. Why is Chuchu not in this video?

  19. I love the smell of chilly, but can't tolerate it. I'm mostly experiencing through your videos. Since chilly and peppers originated from the Americas, I wonder what the Sichuan people ate before peppers were introduced.

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