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Apple Martini Cocktail Drink Recipe

Apple Martini Cocktail Drink Recipe video. More cocktail drink recipes at Subscribe for more drink videos.
1 1/12 oz, vodka
1/2 oz. apple pucker or apple schnapps
shake with ice


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  1. to :Anastasia Nastya .. ofcourse, there is LIQUOR and LIQUEUR.. they're two different things… and the guy on the video is just very right on what he is saying….

  2. not anyplace i have ever worked at……..

  3. Originally, you're right. Now that rule is seldom followed. Many bartenders thought shaking a drink would break up the ice and water down the drink too much. Now almost all bartenders shake drinks with clear liquor.

  4. I'm probably wrong here but isnt it true that with clear spirits your meant to stir it not shake it? (on a related note, why is this? Does it bruise the alcohol or affect the taste somehow?) Great video (and I love this drink!)

  5. no syrup and lime? (sweet and sour)

  6. No, thank *you* for the video.

  7. In a blind tasting Smirnoff was judged superior to all the vodkas you mentioned.

  8. Haha Smirnoff is not a good vodka. Ketel one, belvedere, grey goose, absolute, those are good vodkas…


  10. @MayfairGent Where should I deliver them?

  11. @Randysworld100 Hey you got it wrong. I think that gays are great people.

  12. prefer to use zubrowka vodka and fresh apple purée

  13. thank you for explaining it clearly!!!

  14. Could make it too sweet and change the flavor

  15. would add a tiny bit of amaretto

  16. @h2o1h2o1 This is a Simple Version of and Apple Martini…The one I was taught at National Bartenders School has: 1 oz Vodka, 1/2 oz Apple Pucker, 1/2 Triple Sec, and 1 oz of Sweet and Sour =) I LOVE APPLE MARTINIS!

  17. @keishawnlight real men care not about these things.

  18. I get one of these bad boys everytime I go out lol

  19. Don't go to gay bars and you won't have a problem.

  20. Is this a girly drink, I'm a dude and loves apple martinis. But i dont want to look gay drinking it in a bar.

  21. Hi, thanks for your support. It's amazing that people complain about something that's for free.

  22. He comes on Youtube in his own free time to give his own personal tips and suggestions on making mixed drinks FOR FREE. Some people's comments are just rude and uncalled for. Relax it's Youtube.

  23. Thanks for our support. It's disappointing that some people want to knock a free service especially when they known nothing

  24. all of ur videos are great bro!!!. my family owns bars in VA and i have learned alot from watching ur videos over the years all the haters on here can fuck off!!!

  25. He did everything right! The ice is meant to go in first in the boston shaker's glass part to cool it before pouring anything in. If the ice melts too much you just strain it out or place new ice.
    Only thing, if you want to make the best apple martini there should be also apple sirup, that you muddle with a sliced apple (in the shaker). Vodka should be with apple taste as well, and if i'm not wrong there is apple juice also in the recipe.
    Though this takes time, no time to make if bar busy.

  26. Thanks for your comments. Another know nothing internet expert bartender who has no manners and even less class.

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