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Atta Biscuit Recipe | Crispy Whole Wheat Biscuits in Cooker – CookingShooking

In this video, we’re making the recipe of Atta Biscuit, which is very easy to make and is exactly like the ones from Punjabi bakeries! This is going to made without oven and eggless.

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Mix 60g ghee with 90g sugar until creamy.

Add 150g atta, 3/4tsp bp and 15g maida.

Use 60g milk to make a smooth dough.

Divide into small portions using hand or use a biscuit maker to shape biscuits.

Bake in cooker or oven.

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  1. Please share the measurements in cups and spoons.. that would be helpful as everyone will not be having weighing scales..

  2. Show the back side of cooker biscuits

  3. Best teatime recipe… Ty
    And even healthy

  4. looks yummy and it's healthy too!! I wld definitely try this😋

  5. wowweee…very testy…yammmyy

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  7. Is there any way to give that shape without the machine?

  8. Chef from where to buy cookie maker

  9. We can prepare in the microwave? What temp n time for baking?

  10. I tried the cake recipes in the cooker but it's not coming fluffy as you done what's the problem

  11. My Favourite ❤ For me, it is a must to have them with every sip of tea..🙈

  12. please reply me!
    I always wanted to talk to you

  13. your recipes are very nice. but u need to speak a little faster

  14. I never made biscuits because I always thought it was very tough ..thanks for making it easy n thanks for sharing 😊

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