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Beijing Beef Recipe like Panda Express – Chinese Food

Beijing Beef Recipe like Panda Express Copycat Recipe- Chinese Food


3/4 lb flank steak, fat and silver-skin removed – sliced into thin strips
6 tablespoons cornstarch, for dusting
Oil, for frying

1 egg
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon cornstarch

2 chopped cloves garlic
1 shallot sliced
6 – 8 assorted chili peppers

4 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons ketchup
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 teaspoon chili sauce
1 tablespoon hoisin sauce

Cut beef into thin strips against the grain. In a bowl combine marinade and refrigerate at least 15 minutes.

Heat ingredients for sauce and bring to a boil. Add 1 tablespoon corn starch then simmer.

Coat beef with 6 tablespoons cornstarch, shake off excess.

Quickly deep fry in wok, remove to paper towel and remove all except 2 tablespoons oil.

Add garlic shallot and peppers.

Stir in beef.

Pour sauce into the wok and heat until boiling.

Quickly stir and serve.


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  1. By the way, the marinade/velveting you did is only suppose to have the egg white not the whole thing.

  2. can I replace the corn starch with flour?

  3. Looks great. Yes, ketchup is used in many Chinese "Americanized" dishes-and it works!

  4. I prefer this version better than Panda Express simply because their food always look dried up probably setting for a long time.

  5. I just made it….& it was awesome…thnxx for sharing…:) :)

  6. looks better than panda though 🙂 this is not like Panda at ALL!

  7. Fantastic! It was always my dream to know how to cook that dish. Thanks for sharing this recipe. 

  8. That was absolutely delicious!!! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

  9. I like the recipe works well, but what I want to know is what is the group playing on your video is premo

  10. oh god I can't abide the ketchup in cooking I'm sorry I need to leave.

  11. Very easy & simple. I am gonna cook'em tonight.

  12. I did it and it was good

  13. I never heard here is a chinese dish called beijing beef!It is not chinese traditional dish

  14. Chinese food all has similar flavors, if you can read, it does say 'copycat recipe' also there is nothing stating it's a very authentic asian dish – its just chinese flavoured, still looks very delish! So how about keeping your sad comments to yourself. This person put effort in sharing this video and tutorial for viewers and it makes you look sad and pittyful writting comments like that, we need less people like you in the world. BE HAPPY KID!

  15. Well Panda isn't Mexican food, albeit Americanized it is Chinese food.

  16. Panda Express is not Chinese Food lol ! That like saying Taco Bell is Mexican Food haha

  17. Awesome I hope you try some of my other recipes. Thanks for the comment.

  18. My husband always get this form panda express because it's one of his favorite so I decided to look for recipe online. I have tried some but they're okay untill I saw this one and tried it, my husband loved it! but he likes it a little crispy though like the panda express but overall it's great! thanks for sharing!

  19. I'm gonna cook this for supper!

  20. I tried and very delicious

  21. going to try this dish tonight. Great VID …short & sweet

  22. Awesome congratulations on your success!

  23. I cooked this dish tonight and served it over fried rice. Its damn good and my son loved it too. This will be one of my future dishes

  24. straight to the point videos i need that in my life

  25. Wow!!! Looks tasty & gr8!!

  26. Oh, and we don't have Hoisin where we live so I substituted oyster sauce, very similar in texture and taste

  27. I really enjoyed this, thanks! The bad thing on my end though was that when I put the corn starch in while boiling it made my sauce super clumpy and was impossible to break up the corn starch. Ended up putting it through a strainer and salvaging the sauce, apart from that, great video!

  28. Congratulations I hope you continue to try other recipes.

  29. I tried this today. It was really good and very easy. Thanks

  30. Thank you! I am not a host on food network and prefer to make my videos quick and easy. I hope you make this and have success.

  31. I really liked how you presented the info. Some people over-talk everything. This was smooth, informative, and aesthetically pleasing to watch. Great video.

  32. her foods are stunning good as always.

  33. ok im back for my results…i did every thing except the sauce was oyster sauce not hoisin sauce …but it turn out to taste like sweet and sour lol…..but Wiped out instantly …Thanks again m/

  34. Thanks so much i defroze beef this morning for dinner tonite and I will try this recipe tonite.. love the video !

  35. I need to mention something here- when adding corn starch to a sauce as a thickner, do not add it in on it's own! It makes it lumpy, first mix it with an equal amount of water.

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