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Bhature – Balloon Like Perfect Bhatura Chole Recipe Secrets – CookingShooking

In this video, we will make perfect bhature recipe, which goes really well with punjabi chole. This Delhi Style Batura recipe does not require yeast for fermentation, and is very easy to make at home. I will be sharing a few tips and secrets to make perfect balloon like bhaturas which is a street speciality in North India

Maida – 2 cups
Sugar – 1 tbsp
Baking Soda – ¼ tsp
Baking Powder – 1 tsp
Salt – 2 tsp
Oil – 4 tbsp
Yogurt – ¼ cup / 4 tbsp

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  1. It's not looking gud and it's will be like rubber after cool

  2. Hi yaman.. could you please share a link of the wok you use for some of your recipes?

  3. Amul butter jaisa butter ghar me kaise banaye iski recipe dejiye sir please please😊🙏🙏

  4. Bhaiya khandvi bnana sikhao na
    And ye bhi batayega ki iska taste kaisa hota h
    We tried but kacha lagta h khane mein and khatta bhi

  5. Hey cookingshooking please teach us how to make that orange dose wali chutney
    And please reply

  6. I tried this recipe with chole and the taste was above my level only my bhature didn't puff up I think I have roll the maida thick inspite of this thank u so much yaman sir you are a wonderful chef keep doing it

  7. Plz help me i tried today but bhaturaz aren't inched puffed.

  8. This time too you didn't taste your recipe at the end 🙁

  9. Hello Chef Yaman,
    Your recipe on naan-khatai has become my family's first choice. Family members prefer to take these nan-khatai during tea time and munching as well.
    Kindly do needful to provide how to prepare biscuits/cooky (like Parle 20-20 cashew nut).

    Vibha Joshi
    Chittorgarh (Rajasthan)

  10. Hi Yaman, after a break of couple of weeks, we are back after trying 2 more of your recipes. The Bhatura and Punjabi Chana Masala both today. They both turned out great as we expected them. Thank you so much for effort you put in making your recipes and process to make perfect food. Keep it up. We will let you know each time we try a new one of your recipes.

  11. Please make Hyderabadi chicken biryani next

  12. U r a great cook but yogurt is NOT dahi..
    Dahi is curd there is a difference

  13. Hi chef, can I keep the dough overnight in the fridge?

  14. Kindly upload a video of making a Spaghetti

  15. Yaman bhaiya maine aapke chole banaye jo ki bahut lajawab bane.Lekin bhature bilkul nahi phule or hard ho gaye and they also became very oily

  16. Mujhe toh bhatura phle s he aata tha same 2 same recipe and I never add semolina

  17. Damn I didn't know bhaturas are basically Bengali luchi. Though luchi is very soft and quite smaller than this. Amazing though!

  18. Can we keep the dough in the fridge and use it the next day?

  19. can we have some stuffed bhaturas please??? very eager to cook and eat stuffed bhaturas😍😍

  20. Thanks for detailed video. Mazza Aa Gaya.

  21. i have discovered your channel only few days back…love the recipes ….especially the fact that they are vegetarian…..but i am vegan….that is i don't consume any dairy products too… can you also give some vegan ideas? that will be awesome

  22. Kab send karoge bhai Irani chai ki Recipe

  23. Wow my mouth waters at the mere sight of the bhatura ,I feel like entering the screen and eat it .

  24. This looks amazing. I only have a few quality Indian restaurants where I live, and I'm always craving good Indian food! You make cooking tasty Indian food super easy 🙂

  25. Can I use whole wheat flour instead and knead it the way you did? Will the results be the same?

  26. यमन भाई जैसे भटूरा फुलाया है दिल खुश हो गया। दाल मखनी या दाल बुखारा पर कोई कड़क विधि का विडियो बनाओ, मेहनत हो पर दाल खा के तबियत खुश हो जाये💐 धन्यवाद

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