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Biscuits and Gravy Recipe – BIG MEAT SUNDAY

Biscuits and Gravy is a great hangover cure, not to mention a perfect start to any day that you want to end quickly. hope you enjoy my biscuits and gravy recipe and your hang over goes away soon.
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Hope you give this a try.
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  1. Chicken stock? What a failed gravy.

  2. Made this last week following video, and let me say it was delicious. Anybody that is debating on making it, MAKE IT!

  3. Damn, now I'm hungry and sober… I'll be going to the store(s) very shortly!!

  4. biscuits and gravy is def. something I am missing here in germany

  5. WOW ..this is my second attempt to comment..any way try ice cold will cure what ails you …if it does not you deserve youre misery

  6. At first this dish might seem weird to the British, but then if you think about it, it is not dissimilar to gammon with a creamy onion sauce.

  7. The best breakfast ever in my opinion. I'm gonna try this Sunday morning thanks john! Great video as usual my friend. Cheers!

  8. Dude! I can roll with this! Thanks bro!

  9. Thumbs up John, I'll have whatever you were drinking that left you with a two day hangover and still have the energy to get up and cook this recipe!
    And then the recipe puts you down again, oh well, you need that extra nap!

    Canned biscuits popping is much like static electricity, ya just never know when it's going to happen! There is a less startling  alternative to canned biscuits and you'll find them in the freezer section… and you can just take out as few or many as you wish, less doughy too, so they hold that gravy better. No hand grenade effect! Cheers!

  10. Awesome, this is the first video on my new playlist…

  11. i have got to try this one of these weekends, it looks so tasty , but the biscuits in a can , i bet i cant find those over this side of the pond lol, nicely done Sir

  12. Haha!  The can pop, always when you least expect it!  That was some gravy perfection!

  13. Hey, John!    Sorry, I somehow missed this one earlier.  🙁    Your biscuits and gravy look great.   This is a VERY popular meal over in Norfolk, Va  too!  😉    I recently tried it for the first time, and boy does it stick to your ribs!  <lol>   Thanks and thumbs up as always,   Norfolk Joe   :-)

  14. eating clean = gone. Thanks Ray :(. lmfao anyways great vid man :D

  15. I didn't know it before, but now I love it. Thanks.
    But I love baking, so I bake the biscuits by myself. You have a new fan and a LIKED.
    MsFunnyHome – cakebaker from Germany – Berlin

  16. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and this just made it better. Thanks for a great idea.

  17. Wonder-A-flour??
    I am making this tomorrow morning, that looked just too damn good.
    Plan on having a hangover tomorrow too, lol.

  18. Mmm, wow.  This looks fantastic, John.  Love the double meat love in the gravy, too!

  19. Oooooo…. I love Biscuits and Gravy! 🙂 Looks really good!

  20. Just like Vegas… Happy New Year, John!

  21. Nice roley daytona you got on your arm, christmas present? ;)

  22. Just found your channel and love it you deserve more subs time to share you with some friends hopefully they do the same 😊

  23. Ok, I didn't want to have to do it but I'm making some Kentucky biscuits and gravy now! Great cook John.

  24. Somthing that is awsome in the gravy is Mrs. Dash. 

  25. Love that gravy….Killer job..

  26. I don't have a hang over, but those would sure cure my growling belly right now!  Gravy looked killer John!  You missed!  You never miss?  lol ;)

  27. My dad added ground beef with the same thing almost on toast and called it $h]+ on a sandwhich!!!!  I totally like yours better! Thanks Bro!

  28. Great video John!  I absolutely love biscuits n gravy, hungover or not!  Looks like you got a little gravy on your chin bro! 🙂 

  29. Good stuff any time of the day!

  30. One of my Favs,, Have to try it your way,, Loved it!

  31. Best lookin' B&G I've seen in a LONG time!

  32. John, that is comfort food in it's truest form! Very nicely done! I love the addition of the side burner (great move)! Just so you know, I hate opening those "Life threatening cylinders of dough" as well! They make me feel like my face is going to get blown off! LMAOOOO (Damn PTSD!)

  33. This is one of the those recipes that could take you down from a two day bender.  My little brother has got all his wifes from trailer parks and he never cared for thier Biscuits and Gravy. When he sees this he will cange his mind.I kid him about Biscuits and Gravy.  For me I got my wifes from  patties. Looking good John feeling good John!!!

  34. Hahaha!! Now that's what I'm talkin bout John!! I'm gonna need this hangover grubbage tomorrow, but won't have time to make it before work… I guess I'm gonna have to make it tonight! Killer killer shit brother.. Cheers bud!! ~Chad

  35. Cherizo for the sausage?? Looks great man!! The recipe I mean,..not the pubic hair that you glued to your chin :)

  36. BMS, looks great and you finally cooked something that I can afford 🙂
    A belated Happy New Years..

  37. Biscuits and Gravy are about the only thing that gets my girls out of bed on the weekends. 

  38. Looks good brother. I don't want to alarm you, but i think there is a cat hiding under you chin. 

  39. LOL!!! I also hate the biscuit container! 🙂  
    I dig the recipe!   


  40. Oh John, you are killing me with this one.  Biscuits and Gravy is another one of my favorite foods/meals and this looks awesome!  LOL, I hate opening those biscuits too.. it makes me so nervous, ha ha.  Awesome meal AND you hit that camera!  :-)

  41. Those biscuit cans remind me of the people at Walmart. Lol. Killer video John. I make mine almost exactly the same way. However, I've never tried adding chicken stock. Yum. I will now! Killer video brother. 

  42. I never heard of Sausage Gravy til I moved South 30 years ago, it is now my favorite breakfast meal. I judge all Breakfast Places by how their Sausage Gravy taste.

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