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Bloody Brain Shot Drink Recipe

Bloody Brain shot cocktail that is sure to get you going. Impress you friends with this sexy drink recipe. Subscribe for more drink videos. More cocktail drink recipes at


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  1. i find that using a spoon to pour in the bailey's will not allow the bailey's to mix enough with the peach schnapps and so the bailey's doesn't harden in the shot to create the brain effect… Ii've had better luck just pouring the baileys directly in, just slowly.  the bailey's should float to the top anyways.

  2. "Baileys"… you used Carolans.

  3. i love that drink. it looks like a real brain floating in evil liquid or something like that. but is it possible if i use orange liquor instead of peach liquor???

  4. Really helpful videos to use at wrk thnks keep posting!!!!!!!!!11

  5. Hi! what can I use as an alternative to Peach Schnapps? thanks.

  6. Thanks for the comments. How many people have an eye dropper behind the bar? Don't forget to subscribe.

  7. I've seen some people rather than use the grenadine drop by drop from the spoon they just use a eye dropper.

  8. There's another brain like shot,now that Halloween is approaching. Bayley's+ granadine. "Cerebrito"(lil' brain)

  9. at the origins, now is made by every red fruit

  10. Can you please put the ingredients in the about sections. Easier to refer to x

  11. grenadine can come in raspberry pomegranate and cherry… with cherry being the original style of it…

  12. Thanks for your comments and life experiences with liquor.

  13. Cherry? Grenadine is pomegranate…

  14. it makes it easier if you but the spouts to top the bottles, then you just tilt the shot glass to pour the baileys in and you put your finger over the spout and take it off in the center when pouring the grenadine. That works a lot faster….i should be a bartender!lol

  15. I know, why can't they name it something more pleasant? . . Like, idk, Fluffy Bunny. (medium drink gets you tipsy quick)

  16. Make these shots for your next Halloween party, and serve it to your favorite Zombie.

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