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Boston Cream Pie Cheesecake

This Boston Cream Cheesecake is easy to make with Betty Crocker’s gluten free yellow cake mix.

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Recipe Ingredients:
1 box Betty Crocker gluten free yellow cake mix (prepared with instructions on the box)
For the mix you’ll need: 2/3 cup water, 1 stick butter, 2 tsp vanilla, 3 eggs
(3) 8 oz blocks of cream cheese, very well softened
3 tbsp sugar
(2) 3.4 oz boxes of instant French vanilla pudding
2 ½ cups milk
6 oz of mini semisweet chocolate chips
4 oz of heavy cream

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  1. BD yay sooo good I'm going to get FAT FAT 🙂 hehe

  2. I don't have a spring form pan but wonder if I put the cake on a plate and taped the parchment paper to the cake along with the paper clips if it would work for putting on the cream cheese? Also would like another layer of cake on this…Do you think the cream cheese is strong enough to support another layer of cake?

  3. could you potentially make these into cupcakes?

  4. This looks amazing Anne!

  5. Anne, this looks so delicious!!  I will have to try this recipe.  Hope all is well with you and Gabby 🙂 TFS :)

  6. Now that is what I call a good cheesecake! It looks heavenly and I love the idea of a cake base😍😍

  7. WOW, EZ. that looks yummy!! that cheese cake layer is my favorite part of your video….but then i saw the chocolate go on the top of cheese cake….now that's my fav part of your video

  8. OMG this dessert looks amazing!

  9. This is why I do not like cheese cake. Never liked cream cheese.

  10. Woah! Great combo! I love boston creams… and mix it with the cream cheese — yum!

  11. I know Boston Cream Pie but this looks even more delicious!

  12. omg cheesecake one of my weaknesses canolis..being the other..well..kryptonite too but we wont talk about that shhh

  13. This would make my sweet tooth very happy! Looks delicious, Anne!

  14. it's not fair I student watch it at 2 am now I need it! Thumbs up I wish I could have it now.

  15. Anne, what's so good about your blog is that all your recipes are doable, even by old ladies like me.  And I'm not even gluten intolerant.  Thanks from all the ladies at the home.

  16. When I was a little girl we used to make cheese pie with the recipe that you  used but without the cake and panache. This is a great switch up and I know I'm gonna love it.

  17. That's one amazing looking dessert Anne! It looks absolutely delicious!! I love everything with chocolate and cheesecake so this one is a must try asap!!! 😀 thanks for sharing another great recipe!

  18. This would make a great celebration cake. I'm thinking you could make it the day before and let it set in the fridge. You'd just have to keep everyone from eating it.:)

  19. YummmmfriggingO! I like a bunch! :)

  20. Anne, that cake looks so good. I can just imagine how good it was. Thanks Neil 

  21. This looks, and sounds delicious!  Blessings…..MaryEllen

  22. This looks amazing and so easy – putting this in my to make list :)

  23. This is fantastic Anne – a dessert which I just may have to prepare this weekend!
    Great video!

  24. I'm not a big dessert fan but Boston Cream is my favorite…..turn it into a BC Cheesecake and I'm in love!!  Fantastic recipe Anne!

  25. Oh wauw. That is one beautiful cheese cake Anne!!! 

  26. I have never tried Boston cream cheesecake but you have convinced me to make it. looks super moist and creamy. yuuuum
    Thank you beautiful

  27. OH Wow Anna that looks so good! Two of my favorites as one!! I like to buy mixes to have on hand when Ricky visits,,, I will have to buy one next time I go Food Shopping. I did not know they make a French Vanilla Pudding mix!!! YUM!!! I also like your idea of using the paper clips to hold the parchment paper together! So here is 9:45 pm and I want a snack and all I can think of is your cake!! Well Done!! Hugs and Love,,, Brenda

  28. Oh Yes, I will be trying this recipe. TFS Anne. :)

  29. I am hungry! Very cool my friend. Each step got more and more tasty! You are an artist! It seems like forever and a half since ive done a video on MY OWN RECIPES lol Ive been booked solid doing reviews! So happy to have the time to get started on my next episode! Well done again!

  30. Wow! This looks so good. I love cheesecake, so I'm totally gonna make this!!

  31. I love boston cream cupcakes and donuts, so Im sure I will love this. Looks delicious 

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