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Braised Beef Oxtail with Taro: Authentic Chinese Cooking ( Cantonese Style )

Retired Chef Cook Fai, demonstrate this Braised Beef, using Oxtail cut ( a favorite delicacy in chinese cuisine ) with Taro in fermented red bean curd’s sauce. so tender, that the meat will literary separate from the bone itself.


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  1. Pressure cooker is the way to go; in 30 minutes.

  2. Hi happy wok. First time commenting but watched many of your dishes. Absolutely cool and have cooked a couple of dishes. Being a cantonese myself, all these menus are just definitely my taste. My question is, is Taro a kind of mushroom? What is it called in cantonese? Can it be replaced by other options? I'm just worry that I can't get it over here. Thanks. CY

  3. i love all your recipe same as cantonese cooking :)

  4. This is really good I will be making this soon 

  5. That looks fucking delicious. Next time I can I'm making that thanks bro for the video 👍

  6. I love all of your videos! Can u make oxtail soup too please… Thank u!!!

  7. Thank you for this excellent tutorial. 

  8. You certainly make cooking looks easy… Love the way you ignore the measurement of the ingredients.

  9. yummy . specially over steam white rice.

  10. Oh! BOY ! this is good. i am going to make one, tonight. thank you for sharing .yes! i am going to subscribed your channel ( like a cook book collection in my laptop )

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