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Buffalo Chicken Wings – Spicy (Easy)(Fast)

Buffalo Chicken Wings – Spicy

Buffalo Chicken Wings Just Awesome. Have Them ” Your Way ” Sauce for Dipping Or Right On,,,, Either Way There Great. I know I know, you are saying, ” it’s fattening , but please read the lick below and it just could make your tummy sing.”,,,,,,,,Now Go Ahead And Try Them ….. 🙂

Can I Eat Fattening Food Or Fast Food In Order To Lose Weight ?

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  1. wow that was great… thnx

  2. I tired this recipe but with my own spice now my wings are famous in family

  3. I always laugh when I see poeple wash chicken… As if warm water actually cleans anything bacterial from chicken, all you're doing is spreading any bacteria around. Washing chicken doesn't do a damn thing except make a bad situation worse.

  4. I tried your recipe and let me say they turned out really yummy 😊😊 keep up the good work sir

  5. Eating meat gives you cancer AND heart disease.

  6. handshakes buffalo wings are the best ever

  7. what is the lasting you put?

  8. that's how u do it brother…slightly flour the chicken…that way it has a nice crispiness to opposed to dredging it which makes them soggy and globby when u add the sauce

  9. I'm sure it is a tasty dish, but no way should you call wings tossed in a sauce made from butter, ketchup, honey, and (spicy?) tomato paste "Buffalo" wings.


    … and now I see that even when this is pointed out you still just brag about how your view count goes up either way. So yeah, you did get my view, but not my subscription.

  10. CookingaRond oh I did not know. I just make my wings different

  11. Don't salt your wings it makes it dry when you bake or fry them do it during plating 

  12. I steam my chicken parts first to make sure they are cooked all the way before marinating or coating them in something. Then I cook them in oil. It wont take long after that for them to be ready and no risk of raw chicken.
    I have some wing bits marinating in some soy sauce, garlic and ginger right now. I'll cook them later on when they're done marinating. Can't wait to nibble on them tonight! :-)

  13. i just watched someone use ketchup for buffalo wings

  14. Wow I try them and to me it the best hotwings ever man

  15. you should use zip lock bag, what you did is not sanitary.

  16. well they're certainly wings….just not Buffalo wings.

  17. How long do you cook your chicken for?

  18. Thanks so much for the video now I can make wings!

  19. Wow the old cliche I learn something new everyday. I did know you can fry meat without cornmeal or flour.

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