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California Roll Recipe – 3 WAYS!

I’m going to show you how to make easy California rolls 3 different ways. 🙂


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Get Ready with Me!


4 cups cooked rice
1-3 TBSP seasoned rice vinegar
2 packages imitation crab meat (flaked style)
1 avocado sliced
2 small cucumbers sliced
Nori seaweed sheets (cut in half)
Sesame seeds
Sriracha sauce

Spicy mayo: (mayo + sriracha sauce)

Bamboo mat wrapped in plastic wrap

Add seasoned rice vinegar to warm cooked rice. Add 1-3 TBSP of the rice vinegar. Taste and adjust. Sometimes the vinegar can be overpowering so start small and gradually add. Mix well and let it cool for a bit. Take your finely chopped crab meat and divide it. With the first one add enough mayo to your liking (1-3 TBSP). With the second one add mayo and sriracha. Take your bamboo mat and place one nori sheet with the shiny side down. Add enough rice to cover the sheet and add sesame seeds on top. Flip over. Add your crab meat, sliced avocado, and sliced cucumbers. Roll it all up and slice it into 8 pieces. Repeat. Enjoy!


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  1. Can you make it without seaweed?

  2. it is better with fresh crab not imitation crab.

  3. I love California rolls

  4. Totally trying it, thank you!

  5. ^^ Thank you for simplifying things down!!It helped a lot & my California rolls came out perfect!!

  6. is this for a serving of 1?

  7. OMG you made this look so much easier than others!!!! 

  8. omg now im craving cali rolls ahah

  9. I love spicy California roll 

  10. So happy I discovered your channel. Your cooking videos are super easy, I love that!

  11. This was really helpful! Thank you!

  12. Lol. 1:09 – "Ouu" you're funny 

  13. Im so craving this …had them earlier this week now im wanting more ..thankx:)

  14. thanks for sharing :)

  15. The only thing I could suggest is don't use a metal bowl or any type of metal utensils when making this. The vinegar will react with the metal. :)

  16. When I do my rice I put 1 cup rice into the rice cooker.. but this makes far too much.. how much are you putting in to get 4 cups cooked rice?

  17. That looks soo good! I am totally craving this now, too!

  18. is it ok if I skip rice vinegar ? or any substitute for rice vinegar ?

  19. omgg this looks so good!! <3 ;~;

  20. Do you know how to make a rice ball, I had it only once by this girl who brought it to work.  She gave me a bite and I wanted to eat the whole thing!

  21. OMG why did I think watching this at 2:30am when I'm super hungry was a good idea haha – it looks soooo good! I've gotta make this soon! Do you need to use sushi rice, or is normal long-grain rice okay?! ^___^ 

  22. omg, now I need it!! Looks so delicious! 
    Can you make sushi?

  23. Let's make California rolls! 3 different ways! Nom nom nom.

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