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Carrot Cake Recipe in Cooker – No-Egg No-Oven | Eggless Baking Without Oven

Carrot Cake, does sound boring at first. But once you try this, you’ll love it! Here’s an addictive recipe of the cake which has finely grated carrots, all spice, nuts.. The light & spongy texture along with the great flavor is a delight to have it! Goes well just as it is, or with some cream cheese frosting! Check out the recipe to make it in cooker, that’s right! Here’s the cooker cake recipe which is egg-free & a part of our series eggless baking without oven! Enjoy!



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  1. Can you reuse the salt you place in the cooker

  2. it's a good idea to cook in cooker but please include the instructions for oven please. well be very thankful.

  3. This is the second time I made something that he made, homemade condensed milk and now this wonderful carrot cake… It really does taste light, moist and spongy, just what he says…. I baked mine in the oven! Oh and I didn't have yogurt so I sub and used sour cream…I used the same measurement required for the yogurt…I believe it taste Devine because they are both milk products..thanks cooking shooking

  4. Hi cooking shooking. I want to try ur recipe but I don't have full detailed recipes. and can I replace condensed milk instead of yogurt

  5. waiooo

    u r so sweet 😍n cacke looks also sweet n yummy…..

  6. waiooo

    u r so sweet 😍n cacke looks also sweet n yummy…..

  7. can we bake this in the oven?? What temperature,to bake?? ,pls.reply.

  8. ur recipies are simply super especially cakes with out oven and beater thumps up

  9. can i add coco powder to it??

  10. ur grt chef…u mk it soo easy fr beginners n fr ppl who dont hv ovens🙏

  11. You say to add the powdered sugar and it looks powdered, but the recipe says sugar as in just plain sugar you would add to a cup of tea. Which type of sugar is it; plain or powdered?

  12. Can you please tell me what your cooker is called as it's not a pressure cooker and can you tell me where I can buy it from. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

  13. Superb way of cooking. .Great cook too…very very Indian…and economical
    the best thing about his cooking is very everyday ingredients turned into …superb dishes. .best of luck

  14. Muje enlish ni ati fir bhi nc lgti h all rcepy

  15. Worked perfectly!!! I used sand too instead of salt
    Works fine

  16. Hi chef, this recipe rocked!!! It's super moist. I also added 1/4th cup of raisins to add a lil fruity sweetness to it. Thanks for the recipe! xxx

  17. This has become my favourite. Made in different versions with wheat flour and with ghee. Every time it comes out perfect. Thank you for this wonderful recipe boy! :)

  18. Hi u r all recipe are so yummy and dalicius😊

  19. hi yaman, pls make some white chocolate lave cake plssssssss

  20. This looks totally superb….will definitely try it…
    Hey yaman, can we evn make batis in pressure cooker?

  21. thank you for sent videos 

  22. Salt means wht is it…is it our cooking salt..?

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