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Chinese Chicken & Eggplant Recipe : Chinese Food at Home

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Chinese chicken and eggplant is a really delicious dish that you can easily make right at home. Make Chinese chicken and eggplant from a delicious recipe with help from a multicultural marketing consultant, writer and entrepreneur in this free video clip.

Expert: Natalie Keng
Bio: Natalie Keng is the Founder/Owner of Chinese Southern Belle, LLC, and is a multicultural marketing consultant, writer and entrepreneur.
Filmmaker: Edward Castner

Series Description: You don’t have to order out every time you want to enjoy some delicious Chinese food. Make Chinese food at home with help from a multicultural marketing consultant, writer and entrepreneur in this free video series.


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  1. in Philippines we call eggplant too Lol!!

  2. Looks very interesting but would be very helpful to put exact ingredient amounts and directions in writing that we could copy by hand or, best of all, print….

  3. where can i get your recipes in writing ?

  4. Thanks for sharing your recipe Natalie. Your presentation was good. Please ignore the nasty comments as people can't appreciate good cooking. They should pay and go to a culinary school.

  5. we dont call it eggplant in asia. its brinjal!

  6. Nice video and thanks for the recipe. Chinise food is very popular not just in Asia but around the world.

  7. Excellent Natalie! Thanks for the recipe.

  8. Oh, and a word of friendly advice, totally ignore the negative comments in some of  these posts, insecurity issues coupled with a lack of diplomacy can only produce unsavory comments. Please keep your videos coming and thanks again for educating us on cooking  truly delicious food.

  9. OMG, followed  your recipe to the letter, absolutely delicious, thank you.

  10. if you ignore the video you would never trust this woman, she sounds like a dumb country redneck folksy white woman.. She makes a mean recipe though, i want to try it the right way, but i don't have red bell peppers

  11. ye ha fuckhead. you are a fucking joke.

  12. unbelievable. you suck

  13. wow she cant even pronounce her own last name properly

  14. I'm not the worlds best cook. This recipe was easy and worked out perfectly. Loved it. Great clear instructions.

  15. Thanks for sharing, smells and looks delicious!

  16. Love the dish and how you explained the techniques. 

  17. Soak the cut eggplant cubes  in water before cooking and the problem associated with absorbing all the oil by eggplant will be solved.  It works very well. 

  18. If you close your eyes n just listen to her voice you would say its a southern country gal cooking up some Chinese food lol.. 

  19. hey did u try it ??? or not yet

  20. Will definitely be making this. Just bought some Chinese eggplant. Can"t wait. Great presentation.

  21. I will try it tomorrow and come back…

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