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Chinese Street Food in Sichuan | Cold Tripe Salad

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Chinese Street Food in Sichuan is really delicious! Chinese cuisine is often the best on the street! Here, I sample a classic street snack, “Fuqifeipian”, and got the tripe version!
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I made a weekend trip to Pengzhou, a small satellite town of Chengdu, in search of food and adventure. What I found, here at this street stall, was nothing short of magic. I’m actually fairly fond of tripe, as it has a clean and simple taste that’s really nice when combined with chilies and cilantro.

So I was walking around with a friend, and we had the goal to eat and shoot some Chinese street food, a local street snack, but were unsure of what to shoot. As we walked past this smiling guy, cutting away at tripe and tongue and heart, I knew we found the spot.

So I put my camera bag down on a table beside the stall and approached him and asked him if he would mind if we could film a food segment of his stall. He smiled and replied “no problem, of course!”, and was super happy to be filmed! The guy was just so happy and full of good energy that it really made the whole experience that much better.

I asked for his recommendation, and he made me a classic fuqifeipian, a famous Chinese street food in Sichuan that you can find all throughout the local neighbourhoods. It was chewy, spicy, salty, numbing, florally, and had a strong cilantro flavour throughout, which really made my day.

As always, thanks for the continued support and I’m so happy that you enjoy my videos.

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  1. Great video, I am almost willing to eat tripe now. The photographer lady at the end is smoking. You should consider doing your food tasting videos with hot local babes.

  2. i had one today fuqi feipian , delicious , here in montreal at the local henan type restaurant , they made it with beef heart and stomach …. peanuts , sichuan pepper , cilantro , seasame oil ect …. VERY VERY good , my favorite chinese dish …. mmm

  3. This dish is similar to ours which we call "Laab" Pronounced: La! but the meat is chopped thinner or even grounded and if using beef it can be eaten raw too.

  4. OMGOSH for free :O they are awesome !

  5. Truly fantastic people

  6. this taste zo so good😋

  7. i want to find this dude and try his food so bad

  8. Fast food on street in Chengdu are most popular and the foods here are delicious and cheap even though there is a food safety issue but it still attracts so many food lovers.

  9. I feel like the good thing about being an american in China is that China gives a good large portion of delicious food and surprisingly cheap prices (most of the time)

  10. So nice of him to give you that for free, I guess if you insist on paying too much in that circumstance they may take it as disrespect.

  11. I REALLY love your videos. They make me so hungry. It's frustrating because the closest good Chinese to me is 40 miles away. Now I have to go make the drive. Frog hot pot is calling my name. Please keep the great content coming. You have an awesome lifestyle. Any more vids with ChuChu in the near future?

  12. The people with the least are always the most generous.

  13. Love it. Great shots of the salad….made it look very tasty

  14. love any Asian cold meat/veges salads. Like this cold tripe salad, the southeast asian Laab and the papaya salad…etc.

  15. “他请你的” would translate better to "on the house"

  16. That guy is so awesome!

  17. My mouth is watering omg

  18. "Oh Handsome Foreigner….. You no pay!! You no pay!!" (not the first time ive seen this on your channel, Ha!) Love it!!! lol

  19. It‘s too late ,I had to leave your videos!where are you now?Are you still in chendu,what your plan after your graduation,I think you can find a good job in china expecially about food!Haha,expect your next video with chuchu!

  20. My favorite Sichuan dish of all time, I always have it with a cold tsingtao

  21. MSG is totally safe to eat. Do some research.

  22. I do love tripe! And that salad looks so delicious!!

  23. I shouldn't watch these videos so late at night.  There's no place where I live to get good tripe :(

  24. 3:27 what's the character like 开 (bu "?" xie)

  25. 夫妻肺片是四川名菜啊!

    Btw, MSG is ok, no need to be afraid, I understand some people don't quite like MSG, but it actually derives from natural foods, MSG is first extracted from seaweed, and it also naturally exists in lots of meats, vegetables and fruits we eat.
    I don't like putting MSG powder in my foods when I cook, neither, but I don't mind to have it occasionally, it's just a flavor enhancer which is harmless for most people.

  26. 2:38

    Dude. He got ignored like if he was air. Wonder what that was all about.

  27. you should invite the tripod girl to your next video :D

  28. "They are vegetables" haha!

  29. Awesome, but I really hate you, guy. I watch your video for the hole night. I am studying in Tokyo now, and I do miss the flavor of my hometown chengdu. You make my mouth watering, thx for the video, I think I am in desperate need in going back to chengdu, haha.

  30. I really miss these great food in Chengdu. Cannot stop watching your videos.
    By the way, I recommend that you should go having a try of the GuaiWei Mian( 怪味面) near Linyin Street, Chengdu.

  31. Awesome! Really enjoy your videos.

  32. Another great vid! Simple and straight to the point 🙂 Never tried that when I was in 
    Sichuan but there was a cold, spicy noodle thing that may be similar I used ot have in Beijing, liang pir it was called or something.

  33. Love your vedios Trevor. Just keep digging new food around Chengdu I'm sure you will get endless surprise there. 
    Best wishes from a local Chengdu ren!

  34. I still enjoyed this video even without your special guests on this episode! 😉 Mmmm tripe…I'm guessing there are great health benefits if you take the plunge and eat it.

  35. Another great video. I'll be in China next month for a three week paid vacation. I'm going to eat so much good food. Your videos always give me ideas of new things to try! Thanks.

  36. that girl at the end standing by the tripod though

  37. Is the girl @3:31 your friend you mentioned in the description? She looks interesting but a little bored.

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