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Chingri Malai Kari – Bengali King Prawn Coconut Curry


My brother and I grew up loathing fish. Strange seriously, as we grew up in a domestic of seafood lovers. Whenever Mum would repair up Dad’s favourites of fish pakoras, salmon tikka or king prawn curry, Aj and I would grimace and hold our noses pretending to make dying noises, as we walked past the kitchen. As I said… we had been not enthusiasts!

Annoyingly we each seriously needed to like seafood – in particular my brother. So much so, that he even experimented with hypnosis (this actually proved to be very profitable until finally he experienced an undesirable working experience with a fish bone but that’s another tale for a further time). I opted for the a lot more traditional method and commenced by seeking the “least fishy” dish out there. Fish and chips naturally. Beer battered deep fried fish accompanied with chips and lashings of salt and vinegar (and to the disgrace of southerners, curry sauce)… what was not to like?? From then on, I bit by bit progressed and have now grow to be a lot more adventurous with my fishy selections. 


Marrying into a Bengali family members has also assisted. Hubby’s family hail from West Bengal which is famously acknowledged as the land of maach (fish) and bhaat (rice). Bengalis share an irrevocable romantic relationship with these two foodstuff that are a staple in pretty much each domestic. My mom in law is an exceptional cook dinner (I’m not just indicating that in-case she reads my blog) so it’s grow to be even easier to embrace the deliciousness that is, dare I say it, fish!

Today’s recipe is inspired by dinnertime at the in-laws and is an absolute Bengali basic. Uber satisfying devoured with steaming incredibly hot basmati rice, Chingri Malaikari is a creamy, spicy, coconuty delight to consume. Oh and tip – the greater and juicer the prawn you can get, the greater. Delight in! x 



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Serves two

  1. 12 King Prawns (de-veined and de-shelled)
  2. one tsp salt
  3. one tsp turmeric powder
  4. one tsp paprika powder
  1. three tbsp vegetable oil
  2. two tbsp mustard oil (optional, can use vegetable oil)
  3. two tbsp ghee (optional)
  4. one” cinnamon stick
  5. three cloves
  6. four peppercorns
  7. one bay leaf
  8. one tsp cumin seeds
  9. one modest onion, finely diced
  10. two”ginger, grated
  11. two cloves garlic, grated
  12. two bird eye green chillis, vertically sliced in halves
  13. one tsp salt
  14. one/two tsp paprika
  15. one tsp garam masala
  16. one/four tsp sugar
  17. 300ml coconut milk
  18. drinking water
  1. Area prawns in a bowl. Sprinkle on the salt, turmeric and paprika and mix nicely.
  2. Heat three tbsp vegetable oil in a non-stick pan. When incredibly hot, insert the prawns and cook dinner on medium heat for two minutes. Flip the prawns above and cook dinner for a further more two minutes. The prawns ought to be agency and white. Take away from the pan.
  3. Heat the mustard oil and ghee in the earlier applied pan. When incredibly hot, insert the cinnamon stick, cloves, peppercorns, bay leaf and cumin.
  4. When these entire spices commence to splatter, insert the onions and one/four tsp salt. Cook for two-three minutes until finally translucent. Now insert the ginger and garlic and cook dinner for a further more three-four minutes until finally golden brown.
  5. Insert salt, paprika, turmeric, garam masala sugar and two tbsp drinking water into a bowl and mix with each other to make a paste. Insert this paste to the pan along with the green chillis and mix nicely.
  6. Now insert the coconut milk and one cup of drinking water . Carry to boil and allow for the gravy to thicken. Cook for three-four minutes or until finally it is thick plenty of to include the back of a spoon. Look at for salt and change accordingly.
  7. Now insert the prawns. Cook for a further more three-four minutes and switch off the heat.
  1. If you do not have all of the entire spices, it does not make a difference – you can nevertheless make the dish with no them!
  2. Be watchful not overcook the prawns after you insert them in the gravy as they can toughen and grow to be rubbery.

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