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Clear Mirror Glaze Recipe – FinestRecipe

Clear mirror glaze recipe:
This shiny mirror glaze is very easy to make, and it adds a beautiful shine to cakes and mousse desserts.
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  1. Can we add dark colors like Red to the mirror glaze? Nice all your videos.

  2. if I have gelatin but granuted then how to use it pleas?

  3. woa i love the way you make cakes ;))
    Its a simple way but its really relistic ;)) love it

  4. Hi, I'm using a cool whipped based frosting on my cake. Would this clear glaze or chocolate glaze make the frosting run?

  5. great recipe! have heard Agar Agar powder is the substitute of gelatine. can you tell me the measurement of the substituted Agar powder?

  6. Many thanks to you Leon and Daniella., I will try your recipe and I am sure it will be as perfect as all the other recipes which I have done already following your instructions . I have learned a lot from you ,thank you very much.

  7. very simple nice recipe , would you make red glaze ?plz.

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