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Colorado Bull Dog Cocktail Drink Recipe

Colorado Bull Dog Cocktail Drink Recipe. A popular tall cocktail. Subscribe for more drink recipe videos weekly. More recipes at http://
3/4 oz. vodka
3/4 oz. coffee liquor
1 oz. milk
Top cola


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  1. Healthy? Liquor isn't healthy it gets you fat lol

  2. and From My Observations ,when u put ice in galss is full top . but put ice in shaker only half ice , any reason? this 2 question confusion so hard when i eveytimes watch u videos.plz explain for me , i want to be a bartender.

  3. i still dont get it…u mean put allthings in Boston shaker first is better then put allthings in glass first? if that ,why u always put things in glass first ?

  4. Drinks will be more chilled made in a shaker because the ice will have greater meltage.

  5. i have a question.sometimes u put allthings in glass first then shake ,and sometimes u put allthings in shaker first then shake,any different?

  6. It looks like a very tasty Cocktail.

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