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Dal Makhani recipe (Indian Lentils)

How to make Dal Makhani (Indian Lentils) at home. Lentils curry cooked with cream and a variety of Indian spices.


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  1. I made this with a few substitutes (only because I was out of a few ingredients). I fell in love with the flavors and the smell in my kitchen during the process. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Thank you for this most delicious receipe! 

  3. Please can you give the times to this dish as if you were using a normal pan -not the pressure cooker. Thanks.

  4. What a wonderful youtube recipe.  Thanks for sharing.  I'm making Dal tonight!

  5. good  thank you for a post …I love it

  6. I wonder if Gerald street in Toronto still the mecca of Indian food? There is nothing like Indian food. Amazing!

  7. +stan plus Yes you can use red lentils..taste wont be same but you do get goodness of the lentils :)

  8. dal and rice , thats what i want as my last meal

  9. Love it thanks for shearing all this great recipes 🙂 I'll try love them all.happy new year:)

  10. Thanks! it really looks good!

  11. Howtomakekhsubooidli withmesrments

  12. That looks delicious! 

  13. Tried it last night.. absolutely wonderful. Thanks. (little bit slower without the pressure cooker but still doable…)

  14. very nice.. congrats!

  15. That was wonderful thank you!

  16. Absolutely delicious! So simple yet so flavorful! 

  17. do you want to be my gf?

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