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To lose weight you need to have a balanced diet which consists a lot of nutrition as in vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and good complex carbs from a lot of sources. We have seen that a lot of people depend upon a single source of nutrition which is not at all good for health. You need to widen your food choices. Today’s recipe i.e; Homemade Granola is fiber-rich, has a lot of vitamins & minerals and good fat from a wide array of ingredients like nuts, seeds, and grains. This recipe has a lot of Beca-glucan fiber and complex carbohydrates which ensures this digests slowly in your stomach, energy is slowly released into your blood keeping you full and energetic for a longer period of time, ensuring you to lose weight fast by avoiding unhealthy food habits.

This recipe has made me lose weight about 10 kgs over a span of just 2 months! Let me know if you’d like to watch more weight loss recipes.. 🙂

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How to make Granola –
Ingredients –
Rolled Oats – 600 gm
Chirongi – 50 gm
Nuts – 150 gm (Cashew, Almond and Pistachio)
Seeds – 100 gm (flax, melon and pumpkin)
Sugar – 30 gm
Honey – 3 tbsp
Water – 1 cup
Butter – 25 gm

Serving Suggestion : Yoghurt and Fruits

Disclaimer: This video is not Sponsored.All the views are my personal opinion and propriety. I do not endorse any ingredient. Kindly consult a doctor before bringing any change in your lifestyle.

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  1. All the people who are laughing and crying about butter, please do some research before you make someone look like a failure, And he did lose weight ,at least that should give you idea what it really did. Fat (/cholesterol ) has two varieties and butter, coconut oil, falls under good fat( its a huge topic to discuss )And yes sugar is not healthy and try avoiding it ()he did mention it already. What else you guys are asking for? At least when you don't know things try keeping your opinions to yourself instead of making yourself a joke. Yes I know what I'm talking and yes I am a doctor.. 😇 thanks a lot Yaman ! Thats a good one..

  2. Which oven we should take samung.

  3. Are those Mackie CR5BT monitor speakers? How are those speakers? Always wanted to try them.

  4. Reduce your dairy intake, cut out meat from your diet, and exercise. That is how you lose weight.

  5. Or you can just get "Muesli". It's basically the same as described in this video.

  6. Good work yaman. My mom was looking for something like this recipe. We'll definitely try out this recipe. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  7. Yaman it was a nice recipe… but your signature tasting style was missing, means you also enjoy a little unhealthy yet tasty food more than these oats… just kidding…. by the way Job Done Well…..!!

  8. hello sir i like all ur recepies can u please tell us how to ake streat style malai chaap with romali roti at home

  9. Thanks for the recipe I started this recipe about a week ago and I have already lost 3kg weight.

  10. Does it really helps in weight loss ??
    Means m not too fat bt then too i love to be slim soo ??
    does it really works..?

  11. Oh yaman thanks a ton this is an amazing breakfast idea

  12. I will try ..this look tasty too

  13. is this homemade muesli??

  14. I've seen a similar recipe where apple juice has been added to make the granola. Your recipe is 👌🏽👌🏽

  15. Dude are you really offend but really you are misguiding the ppl here..i have lost 22kgs in past 5months and what you are cooking is really not could simply cook oats with milk and nuts or oats chila or besan chila or egg whites with one whole egg ..but choosing sugar and butter really not good..simple rule of weight loss is calories out should be more than what you take..simply add more protein and low carbs with some good fats and add bran to you diet with lots of veggies thats it. And do some weight training not cardio.. cheers

  16. Can we eat this without yogurt

  17. Aah do I really need to do all this stuff for a bowl of oats?😕 Sorry but this is a bit of broscience!

  18. Thanks for sharing 😎

  19. Congrates for your weight loss…n thanks a looooot for sharing this video

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