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Eggless Pancakes Recipe – Stir it Up, QUICK!

Here’s a super easy and quick to make egg-free pancakes recipe. These eggless pancakes are super delicious and makes a perfect breakfast dish.. These soft, fluffy, airy pancakes are without bananas.. Make sure you try it out and let me know how it goes!



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  1. Please answere my request if you can make it.

  2. Chef, why dont younshow us how to make maple syrup (if its possible) so we can have maple syrupmalong with pancake. Ill not miss checking it out for sure. Keep uploading videos.

  3. great video, could you put a video of making eggless stroopwafel, 

  4. Could u plzzzz re do the pan cakes…only if u dont mind

  5. Hello, What can i use instead of Butter, I tried with butter but i did not liked the taste of it. Felt like vomiting after eating( Dont like Ghee also).

  6. Is corn strach nd corn flower same thing?

  7. Can I skip d sago powder or wts d substitute or whn cn I buy it frm?? Plz rply..

  8. Hey! why dont you try for master chef India.Auditions are going on.. I would love to see you there.
     This time its full vegetarian in MC India

  9. Can i skip using sago?or can i use another thing instead of sago.plz help me.i lyk dis recipe so much.i cant wait to make this recipe but only for 1 item that i dont have is sago.plz give me a tips..

  10. I like your videos a lot and this one is good and too fast, lol.would have been better if you did it your usual way. That makes it much simpler to follow.

  11. Stir it Up, QUICK! Here's an easy Eggless Pancakes recipe for you..

    #easy #pancake #eggless #recipe

  12. So,  what do you have against eggs anyway?

  13. Lol this video wasn't even a full minute. 

  14. Can powdered sago be replaced or not used? Can I skip using sago?? +CookingShooking 

  15. that was so quick and simple….

  16. This, was our first video for Stir it Up, Quick and believe me, We did it very quickly, so could not have the voice over or the video clips. Will get better with upcoming quickies :)

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