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Electric Lemonade Cocktail Drink Recipe

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  1. when I went to mexico I ordered this drink instead of using bluecaroco they added midori it tasted like a jolly rancher what is the name of that drink and states

  2. I'm sure it's very good with vodka. Nice touch.

  3. The Latin recipe is with VODKA!

  4. He has an uncanny resemblance and personality match to Forrest Gump

  5. @BIZ3LE that sounds kind of boring just like ur beer lol jk …. how i make it is cocunut rum blu curocao lime jiuce and splash on sprite or 7up its refreshing 😀

  6. Are you fucking kidding me!
    A Tom Collins is about as basic as it gets.
    There are only 4 ingredients.
    Gin, FRESH lemonjuice, simple syrup and soda.
    If you wan`t to do a proper Tom Collins, you will need to find som Old Tom style Gin. Which is a bit sweeter than your regular London dry type gin.
    Basically it`s lemonade with gin.

  7. This guy doesn't even know how to pronounce Curaçao

  8. this is an electric lemonade, i think someone mixed up the titles

  9. WTF! rum and curaco errr….its gin lemon juice and soda, well thats the english way!

  10. I've had a couple of different varieties of Tom Collins, but it's always been with Gin and Club Soda :O Never Rum

  11. i know this drink under the name mediterrane

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