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French Fries Recipe | How to make Perfect Restaurant Style Indian Potato French Fries at Home

Perfect French Fries equals happiness, that’s what I’m bringing to you today. The perfect, restaurant style french fries at home using simple ingredients. Forget the Frozen pack at the supermarket, and make some at home & freeze for up to 12 months. Healthier + Crispy + Fluffy + Tasty! Learn how to make perfect french fries at your home now!

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Potatoes (Chipsona Varieties) – 3 nos.
Water as needed
Salt – 3 tsp + for seasoning
Oil – to deep fry


• Peel and cut the potatoes into fries.
• Add the cut potatoes into a bowl full of water and change the water until the water remains clear.
• Next, heat a pan with some water. Add the potato fries, followed by 3 tsp of salt. Let it cook in high flame until it reaches about 78 degrees centigrade, that’s a slight simmering stage.
• Once, it simmers slightly, steep it for about 15 minutes, do not increase or decrease the temperature.
• After 15 minutes, strain the fries.
• Again, fill the pan with some more water. Add the French fries again to the water. This time around, boil the French fries until they are completely soft.
• Once, they break easily in your hands, strain them and spread it out in a towel to dry until they become leathery. This shall take about 30-45 minutes under normal temperature. You may even use an oven to dry the fries.
• As the fries are dried, fry them to prepare them to freeze. As the fries are already cooked, just need to fry until a crust is formed. It shall take a minute.
• Take the French fries out, and shake them well until the excess oil is drained. After this, spread this on a tray and freeze for atleast 24 hours.
• After 24 hours, you can either ziplock them for later consumption and fry as you want to have them.
• For serving these fries, heat up the oil to very high temperature around 200 degree Celsius, take some freezer fries and add to the hot oil and flash fry for about 30 seconds. Alternatively, you may even bake these French fries.
• Shake well the fries, add some salt while shaking and serve hot with your favorite dip!

• Choose the potatoes which have lesser sugar content and more of higher dry matter. Good choice would be Chipsona Potatoes, preferably Kufri Chipsona 1 or Kufri Chipsona 3 potatoes. If you can’t find the potatoes by name, ask a potato vendor for potatoes for chips/frying.
• Don’t let the fries stay in a tissue. Shake them well before serving.

Understanding Main Key Steps:

Step 1: Washing in Fresh Water, this step removes excess surface starch from the potatoes.

Step 2: Steep in 75-80 Degrees C Water with salt. This helps flavor the interior of potato with salt, helps leech out excess sugars & starch, activates an enzyme called pectin in the potato from the potato preventing them from frying to brown and going limp.

Step 3: Boil : A perfect french fry is all about that fluffy interior, and this step does exactly that. You need to boil potato batons in fresh water until soft.

Step 4: Dry: The fluffy interior is achieved, and you’ll lose the crispness if you just fry the potatoes straight away. Dry the potatoes until they go dry & leathery. This also prevents excess oil absorption whilst frying.

Step 5: First Fry: This is to seal the deal. The Fries are already cooked, this is to build the crust & to evaporate any excess moisture.

Step 6: Freeze: Cold or Frozen french fries have much better crispness-fluffiness texture and they store well as well. Alongside, this step also helps slightly dehydrates which helps with crispness.

Step 7: Liven: Bake or Flash Fry to bring the french fries to life

Step 8 : Shake : Shaking the fries helps them cool evenly, preventing them from going soggy from the heat & steam build up. French Fries only soak oil if they are left to sit, this takes care of the same and avoids any oil absorption.

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