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Fuzzy Navel Cocktail Drink Recipe How to make a fuzzy navel instructional video; watch hundreds different free videos on shots, cocktails, mixed drinks and bartender techniques at from American Bartenders School Call 800-5532-9222 to join the fun


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  1. What potato did you film this with?!

  2. Can I just put peaches in a blender cuz I'm not a fan alcohol

  3. The proper name for the tall glass is the collins glass:)
    (if you add vodka it becomes a Hairy Navel)

  4. Nice observation your pretty sharp!

  5. That doesn't look like orange juice

  6. he doesn't know the drink got the name "Fuzzy Navel"?! are you serious? im 15 and i cant drink and i even know that!!! fuzzy comes from the peach and navel from the orange! duhhh!

  7. weak drink look at the way i make it.

  8. These videos have to be set up! Peach….

  9. Fuzzy because peaches are fuzzy; Navel because of navel oranges.

  10. @Giich
    I've not seen an instructional video online thats any good to be honest mate.
    Im also pretty sure this guy says bitch at the end of the vid…

  11. yeah it is it's all american stuff. like certain words and spelling….they do their cocktails weird as well.

  12. And btw, i posted this when i watched all the fucking vids of this school. And lot of them sux. Or maybe its a continental difference, cause im from europe.

    E.g. – just look at the sex on the beach here and on other vids. COMPLETELY different ffs. Especially "this beautiful color"…

  13. lol your camera guy has a lot of drinks to catch up on!

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