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Grasshopper Cocktail Drink Recipe

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  1. Whats up with your shaking?

  2. 1 oz cream
    1 oz creme de cacao white
    1 oz creme de menthe green

    Is the recipe right?

  3. yummy liquid after eight 😀

  4. Man I'm not even a drinker but I had this shit and now I'm going to make this drink like a cup o water on a 105 degree summer day.

  5. i want to try this drink because of the big bang theory

  6. @HeWhoHatesCats Heard that from Quagmire on family guy

  7. so they say it tastes like mint-choco ice cream huh?

  8. Your right. That's what I said. You didn't hear it correctly.

  9. @jtiano You say the customer only cares about the taste? What about the presentation? The homogeneity of the mix? The aromas? The cleanliness of your workplace? Your confidence while doing the mix? Even your face expression… It's not only the taste, for doing a good cocktail EVERYTHING MATTERS.

  10. Thanks, I was kinda busy that day and took a short cut.

  11. i think u forgot to freeze the cocktail glass

  12. When you're making the drinks the customer only cares about the taste. This isn't an English class.

  13. It's creme de CACAO not cocoa. Doesn't really inspire confidence in your bartending school to mispronounce a basic ingredient like that.

  14. @MetalAsFork I'm sorry, I agree with jtiano. You must be drunk, the strainer helps to keep the ice out. And if you're going to insult someone do it right, it's spellled "noob" not ":nub"

  15. wtf, it's 1 part mint, 1 part cacau and a bit of mint.
    where does coffee come into it!

  16. Enjoy them a great after dinner drink.

  17. im about to make some of these right now actually

  18. Thanks for your comments. I think you're the one that's drunk. Didn't your mother teach you any manners?

  19. Strainers are for nubs. This guy is a drunk.

  20. @g0th1k4 are you using a regular martini glass? dont use a large one, also be sure to add plenty of ice.

  21. i made myne with milk instead of creme still tastes good

  22. i dont get something…i use the exact same portionings….but when after i shake n pour into my glass…there's like barely anything, yet in the video so much comes out….what am i doing wrong…it's only a total of 3 ozs but mine's so little yet theirs is so much

  23. Try it with vanilla ice cream in place of the half & half.

  24. Definitely prettiest cocktail in the world, although I'm not much a fan of creamy cocktails

  25. alot of bartender in sweden have laptops behind the counter and run to the laptop everytime someone order a cocktail or anything else that isnt beer or cider.

  26. This drink is great if you are 80 years old and want to piss the bartender off. NO ONE orders this drink anymore. Good job, old dude!

  27. Thanks for this I just made one with someone else's receipe and it was too much so I'll try this!!!!! yeahhh

  28. a nice cocktail, u cud av is silk stocking, its a ladies drink,
    baileys, cream (double), ameretto, milk,strawberry, chocolate sauce on the rim, kahlua,
    very very nice cocktail

  29. I loooove making this drink because it's all green n pretty to look at. ^_^ lol

  30. i've tried something like this once, it taste just like the after hours chocolate, probably the same thing as this, sept mine wasn't green. Anyway looks great!

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