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Homemade Meatloaf Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 552

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  2. i qm so hungy right now

  3. Great! I have been doing meatloaf with dry onion soup mix . I know better now!

  4. Love all your videos since day 1. Looking for the perfect meatloaf recipe so I came for yours. You have taken me from never cooking to being a wife and new mommy- now having every dish I make being my husbands favorite! From your meat and cheese lasagna to your mussels and clams in white wine sauce! Thank you Laura for never making cooking be hard. That's why we all love you xoxo!

  5. did anyone notice that she said spatuler instead of spatula

  6. Walmart has it packaged in a dark blue cover where the ground beef packages are. Sirloin it comes 90% lean -10% fat.

  7. can I make it with turkey?

  8. making this tonight. Every time I make a Laura recipe, it is a family favorite. I do give her credit even though she is so pretty I should dislike her. :P

  9. where can i get this recipe to print out…thank you!

  10. Smitha believe that you are so funny you are so funny sometimes my god how did you do

  11. Thank you Laura for such a wonderful meatloaf recipe……My husband Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. It's breading that dries meatloaf out. I never put bread in it.

  13. Vi-TAAAAA-le, SPACH-u-lure (lol)  Is that a Jersey accent?

  14. God she talks to damn much! This video could be only 5 min

  15. my italian husband taught me to make meatloaf. But he loved the fatty meat. I went off meatloaf because of that…
    Can i substitute any other meat?

  16. whenever she said something i couldn't follow, i assumed she talked about cheese 😂

  17. Could you make this in veg way

  18. Thanks for sharing your recipe…can't wait to make it !!

  19. thank you so much for all your recipes I love them all and my family does too keep up the good work:-)

  20. "spatuler" 😂😩💘

  21. I tried this with 1 pound of Ground turkey. Since Turkey dries out a bit faster, I cooked for 45 min for a more moist meatloaf. Tip: Grate your onion and garlic over the meat. It will taste more flavourful. your topping is really tasty.

  22. All i can say is AMAZING!!! Made this for Valentine's Day for the hubby and he loved it, 3 plates later lol

  23. Il eat her meat like no tomorrow

  24. Man that meatloaf….. thats when they say its so good make u wanna slap yo momma

  25. with all the brown sugar in that glaze, I would have been afraid to put it on at the beginning. I would have had fear it would burn before the meatloaf was done.

  26. your'e right about the bread crumbs making the meat loaf too compact. However, I don't use the large pieces of bread, I use crushed saltines and it works wonderfully.

  27. Excellent recipe thank you so much for sharing!!!! Love You!!! : )

  28. Made my first meatloaf using ground turkey and it came out great imo,thanks for the assist Laura 😃

  29. Best meatloaf I've ever had!!!thank you!

  30. I always wondered why do Italian Americans always sounds like that way that she talks you know like people from Jersey is it like a regionals accident or something like that??

  31. Can't wait to try this!

  32. Ur awesome Laura🍅🍅🍞👏👍 I enjoy watching ur videos . Must I say ur always u make it look simple and fun . Thank u for you tube videos, and ur the one cooking videos I enjoy , ur hair is always up or neat &clean lol not straight down when ur cooking food I always have my hair up always When I cook I notice things like that lol 😄 ….

  33. would the bake time be the same if used half of the ingredients?

  34. "mix to your heart's content", i think that's what you meant

  35. my mom uses the bread and milk technique and it is a wise rule to do as it does moist the meatloaf much better than breadcrumb from a canister

  36. Sorry, what? I can mix until I'm hard"??
    And what's with the drops?

    It's all here, I ain't lyin': 5:55

  37. awesome,love all your recipe

  38. why didn't you just crack the eggs into the big bowl x

  39. Hi laura could i make the loaf with ground chicken as well or is it only good with beef

  40. Wonderful! I'll be making this on Saturday night! Xx

  41. The speed of that moving pan varies! GHOST CONFIRMED. IT CANT BE HER CONSTANTLY MOVING IT!

  42. Did anyone realize that pan that won't stop rocking O.e GHOST!

  43. Got that meatloaf in the oven now can't wait to dig in!! 😋😋😋😋

  44. Wow you make your glaze almost like mine. I love meatloaf. And yes it's great for meatloaf sandwiches for the next day, you are right about that.

  45. Laura definately is a good cheff. I try looking for her videos cause she has a good sense of humor and shes simple. Thanks Laura :)

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