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How to make Chana masala, Indian Chickpeas Recipe (garbanzo beans)

Learn how to make Indian style spicy chickpeas, popularly known as Chana masala. Easy to make, this recipe will wow all chickpea lovers!


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  1. I will make this. it looked soooo good, I wanted eat the monitor!! Great job!!

  2. yes try our mutton curry recipe.. I have several beans related recipes on my channel. They are healthy and so are several Indian vegetables like brussel sprouts curry, mixed greens masala, zucchini curry etc. Hope you'll give them a try and will like them.

  3. I have just been trying to use beans more. I am a Diabetic and want or need to lean up my diet I hoping to also start eating goat meat an goat milk .do you cover that kind of stuff

  4. that is way more then 1/2 a cup of water with the chickpeas

  5. Nice to know. Do try out our other chickpea recipes too.Can't wait for more feedback!

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