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How to make: Chicken with Cashew Nuts : Sit Fry: Authentic Chinese Cooking

Retired Chef Fai, teach you how to make this, well known, favorite food that ordered by american dinner in an authentic chinese restaurant. Now, you can make this at home, and your love one & friends will like and enjoy this feast.


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  1. What size of wok are you using and where can I get one?

  2. i really like this type of food thanx for teaching how to cook

  3. what's the chicken stock and how do I make it

  4. Happy Wok you makes me feel happy.

    I love asian food. And i love you authentic style asian food.

    Greetings from South America

  5. Ty soooooo much while watching ur video i decide to make this food too & i did it well i just didnt put the cashew as i dnt like nuts & yet the result still amazing…

  6. Very nice recipe. Thanks

  7. chicken ching chaw gravy

  8. I like the way you cook. Very easy to follow. Thank you!

  9. +HAPPY WOK This is one of my favorite dish! Thank you for sharing your recipe. You've gained another subscriber!

  10. Very fine made vid, and amazing food producer. My next menu.

  11. thank you for your reply will give it a try sure it will be great

  12. lovely dish very tasty would love to know if you could show me how to cook a chicken kung po
    many thanks

  13. Making this tonight. Couldn't find Rice wine. Is it ok to use rice wine vinegar instead? Thank you Happy Wok for this video!

  14. does 1 T mean 1 tablespoon or t spoon?

  15. hey great video but next time can you make the food a little faster for us? Thanks, haha! I make joke so funny.

  16. Made this tonight and went down a storm. This will be a keeper in our household. Cheers! HAPPY WOK.

  17. HAHAHAHA did anyone else feel the 'how to basic'

  18. Is that ok without celery. , forget yo buy

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