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How To Make Chinese BBQ Pork Ribs (Char Siu) – Chinese Food Recipe

In this cooking video The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make Chinese BBQ Pork Ribs (Char Siu).

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  1. can I use a electric grill?

  2. how much of each did you use!!

  3. Awesome recipe (I don't think you know a bad one) !    Thanks for sharing !!

  4. Where's the Noh red powder for the coloring?

  5. Is this dish the same thing as "Chinese spare ribs"? Thanks.

  6. What did you use to get the red colour? usually it would be red bean paste or fermented tofu but you made no mention of either so I assume you used red food colouring?

  7. These look too goooooood, damn!

  8. I'd love to know the exact measurements of everything, and all of the ingredients used so that I could go out and look for them! 

  9. How can I do this in the oven and/or broiler?

  10. What type of grill are you using?

  11. Fricking tasty!!! I always go for the chineese pork at the buffets..I pray for alot of wetnaps…I would need them big time!!! Good vid Larry!!

  12. I'm making this tomorrow night — made the marinade tonight to dump over the meat in the morning before I leave for work.  Used your exact recipe but added a few cloves of crushed garlic, couple chunks of red bean curd and some crushed ginger.  Also used a mixture of lite and dark soy since I had it.  Looking forward to it!

  13. you don't appear to have removed the pleural [backside] membrane?? If not, why not?

  14. You need more subs brotha, lookin great!

  15. Those colors are amazing! 

  16. Larry, You never cease to amaze me with these dishes man. Give me a rack of that! Please.

  17. Looked amazing and I know they tasted it too,I've made a similar recipe,it is also great with chicken and wings too..thanks Larry..btw the chicken soup was a hit.

  18. Some of the best food prep videos on the net.  one word:  HUNGRY!

  19. I've never had those before. They look excellent Larry! Thanks! 

  20. Whoo man! Those turned out GREAT

  21. Very nice, but did you remove the membrane on the ribs?

  22. Lar you're a wizard! You could make a turd look like a gourmet feast. Hehehehe

  23. Those came out prefect!!!!! You make it look easy too!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  24. So many foods so little time!! Love just a out anything cooked on the grill!!

  25. Absolutely amazing looking bro!!!!!

  26. Is this the 9" green egg?

  27. holy crap larry that's like a 12 hour process.  They look amazing!

  28. Fantastic! These are right up my alley. YUM!

  29. Looks delicious Larry
    I could chomp on a few of them watching football today.

  30. oh man those look good… i have a rumbly in my tummy….

  31. Hey Larry !!! How is my Carolina Brother , hope it is  Coolin Off for ya a Bit !!! Larry I could Eat a Slab of your AWESOME Char Siu Ribs to Myself !!! ROFL … Man what a Fantastic Recipe , the Glaze as well ,  it is Beyond the NEXT Level !!! Pure Ambrosia my Friend !!! As Always your Videos are a Culinary Festival !!! I'll be there in a Few Hours … ROFL … Always some of the Best Recipes and Cooks I have ever seen  from Larry at  the Wolf Pit … Great Job Brother Larry …

  32. Hey Larry, looks good, as usual. 🙂  Couple of questions on this one. When you say light soy sauce, do you mean lighter in color, or lower in sodium? And it looked like you got a bit of a smoke ring on these, or is the red color just as a result of the sauce? 

  33. I love the pretty red color of the ribs! Very nicely done Wolfe! Have a great Sunday! :D

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