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How to make Gulab Jamun (Indian Dessert/Sweets)

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Gulab Jamun recipe: how to make Indian dessert – Gulab Jamun at home. A must try recipe for everyone who has a sweet tooth.


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  1. heavenly dessert ! Yum

  2. its called syrup not sugar water o.O !

  3. Oh my, I never thought it was this simple to make this delicious dessert.  After watching this, I made it at home, and Oh EM Gee, I was completely impressed at how perfect it came out, and absolutely delicious.  Thank you o much for sharing this recipe.  Greatly appreciated.

  4. they make me hunger 

  5. after you put the oil from the heat to cool down (make it warm), u put it back on heat to cook the that on low heat?

  6. thank you, they looked delicious, I think I'll add coconut :)

  7. Wooww i try it n it turn out absolutely gudh. I really enjoy it. Thnxss

  8. I find Asian sweets quite simmilar sometimes!

  9. interesting..never thought of that!

  10. Maybe you can add a little ginger to the sugar syrup, adds a nice flavor 🙂

  11. Indian sweets? Lmaoooo more like middle eastern sweets.

  12. You can always cut back on sugar. Aren't they so yum though 🙂

  13. My sister made them THEY ARE REALLY SWEET

  14. YOu are so going to love them..They are absolutely yum!

  15. Whenever I've been to an Indian restaurant or party and had these I've always wondered how to make them myself, thanks for the upload! Definitely going to try them (:

  16. Im a quarter Indian and i LOVE Indian food, But my most favorite is gulab jamun, So thank you 🙂

  17. Thank you Stefan. I am certainly putting Rasgulla on my to do list 🙂 Have you tried other Indian treats like Gajar ka halwa, Phirni, Kheer or coconut burfi 🙂 Always appreciate feedback and kind words.

  18. Hiii, I love you channel.. and all your East Indian treats.. I'm from Trinidad (in the Caribbean) and we have a lot of similar food to yours home. just probably minor differences in cooking techniques, spice etc. but, I was wondering if you could do a video on how to make Rasgulla… I'm not sure if you have a video already.. if you.. please reply… keep up the good work 🙂

  19. You can certainly substitute it. It makes the jamuns soft and wonderfully rich!

  20. do we need to put whipping creem?

  21. Trust me, this is decadent. It's absolutely heavenly. Try it and let us know how it turns out for you!

  22. This looks soo delicious!! I am definitely going to make this soon! Thank you for the very helpful video!

  23. Yeah, its suppose to be 🙂 it justs melts in your mouth.

  24. Thank you so much 🙂 Mom usually makes these for our prayer gatherings and they are always super hit.

  25. Lovely! I just saw some idiot adding EGG as a leavening agent to the dough as a cheap fix to hide his lack of skill. You two are great!

  26. Me too 🙂 I have a soft spot for

  27. Love them so much yummy x

  28. Perfect..Thanks for your response!

  29. cardamon seeds!! or green elaichi whatever you wanna call it… thats usually what people would add to the syrup or alternatively you can get the powder and add it to the mix like a teaspoon of it…just depends on taste really!

  30. 🙂 thank you. Not sure what those could be..perhaps melon seeds

  31. love your video always wanted to how it is made, but when i used to eat it in my country, in the serup it use to have some sort of seeds in it. so could u please tell me the name of the seed, and added to that i love to hear you talk, keep up the good works

  32. This girl brought some for class mmmmm so delicious

  33. u r looking pretty gorgeous

  34. Yeah sometimes Rose Water called Kewra is used for the flavor but its upto you whether you want to use it or not.. 🙂

  35. Is it traditional to use rose water sometimes with Gulab Jamun? I get a rosie tastes on some gulab I have had.

  36. ugh NEVER compare Gulab Jamun to timbits!! LOL

    Timbits are dry and EWW love Gulab Jamun, it's SO moisT and sweet and milky. YUM YUM

  37. Lovely! I am so glad for this recipe. I used to buy them in Little India in Vancouver years ago and always wanted to know how to make them. Do you use rosewater in your sugar syrup mixture ever? If so, when do you add it? Thank you so much!

  38. Yes..the evaportaed one ?

  39. Can I use Carnation Milk instead of Milk Powder? :l

  40. 🙂 Thank you! do try it!

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