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How to make Indian Chicken Stew? (Slow Cooker Recipe)

Learn how to make basic Indian style chicken stew.

Description: coming soon!


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  1. Great song! What's the name?

  2. this looks so yummy got to try.. but i will my kids be able to eat this too? or will it be too spicy? it so looks nice:-))

  3. You cooked it for 4 hours but on what level heat did you cook it for? Low, medium or high?

  4. very good recipe, love using my slow cooker.. I have a question though, can I subsitute bonless chicken instead, so I don't have to pick the bones out?

  5. Thank you very much Diane 🙂

  6. Thanks Anne..Easy..isn't it..the only thing is I hate cleaning crockpot

  7. This looks good Aditi.
    I love these crock pot recipes.

  8. Girrrl, this is an amazing chicken stew and making it in the slow cooker is a fantastic idea. Loved it!

  9. You rock girl !!!
    So happy you finally got a slow cooker 🙂
    You can try my curry pork chops recipe on my Channel.
    Which COOP do u go to?
    With slow cookers … I have learned and trust that you don't have to add much liquid cause of the steam.
    2 cups of liquid is usually plenty enough.


  10. That looks really nice and best of all easy!

  11. Delicious recipe!!
    I'm on a Paleo diet so I substituted green plantains for the potatoes, served with salad instead of rice, and used boneless thighs.
    So good, thanks for another delicious recipe!

  12. Making this right now thank you! 🙂

  13. For sure, its good for busy days. More crockpot recipes coming soon so stay tuned 🙂

  14. You are welcome my friend 🙂

  15. Any more crock pot recipes? This is great for busy ladies 🙂

  16. this is different….will try…thanks for sharing

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