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How to Make : Mongolian Beef : basic 101 recipe.

Retired Chef Cook Fai, demonstrates the basic recipe, for making ( the famous, popular , most ordered entry at Chinese restaurant , take out or dine in ) the ” MONGOLIAN BEEF”. delicious and healthy ( less fat & salt version ) with few ingredients. easy to follow chinese cooking video , happy cooking.


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  1. i guess they don't eat as much refined sugar

  2. so much frying, how are chinese not a fat nation?

  3. Yummy! Guess what's for dinner tonight. ;o) Thank you so much.

  4. Could you please explain why starch is used? And why sugar in this ammount? I like to learn. Thank you for your perfect video!👍

  5. awesome 👍it's the best recipe for mongolian beef….

  6. im drooling looks so good

  7. Such a nice recipe, I have had this dish served with the beef being of a silky texture, How would I do this?

  8. Korea Galbi ?
    but it's mongolian Beef in since when?

  9. So like wats the measurements?..

  10. Bravo! Will be making this on Sunday. Huge thank you.

  11. That's it Happy Wok – Can I come and live with you please?

  12. Would I be able to use flour instead of Tapioca starch? I assume these are different ingredients that function similarly.

  13. looks outstanding as usual!

  14. When I put my vermecelli into the oil, I cannot get it to fluff up quickly like you do. Do I need to use a specific kind of noodle, or is my oil actually not hot enough? (The oil is very very hot, I don't understand)

  15. This recipe is not Mongol or Chinese , it is a western dish.

  16. Is it important to use Tapioca starch? I only have potato starch.

  17. I see you cook on exposed coil heating elements. Do you think I could reach high enough temperatures on a flat glass cooktop? I've read some contradicting information online and haven't bought a flat bottom wok because of it. I'd really like to try this recipe (and several others) as Mongolian beef is probably my favorite Chinese dish.

  18. Sir, why do you always put cornstarch on your meat? here we always put salt and msg. this is healthy. thank you for your generosity in sharing.

  19. This…. THIS is what I was looking for! THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHEF!

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