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How to make parantha? Indian flatbread, Paratha recipe

How to make traditional Indian flat bread called paratha or parantha. This fried roti or flatbread is made using plain wheat dough.


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  1. wow…. wonderful! gonna make some myself.

  2. This recipe is so cool Aditi, I watched it twice because I couldn't believe how easy it is to make. My favorite part was when you added the butter, yumm!

  3. I like them with onions and garlic, how do I add them?

  4. Thank you so much for the video! I made these three times in one week. Absolutely delicious!

  5. dough is without eggs..its wheat flour and sane dough that we use for making roti

  6. is there any chance you can do vegan.veggie style ones .. is the dough made with eggs or without ?

  7. Yes. Please do! I live in AZ. The weather is great here, there are tons of outdoor activities…ready to move here yet? I'll even help you find the best location for your new bakery! (Close to me, of course…LOL!)

  8. I guess I need to move to your neighborhood 🙂

  9. Somebody here where I live needs to open an Indian bakery. We have many Indians, Pakis, etc. living here, plus LOTS and LOTS of other nationalities who love Indian food! I would never have time to make those during the week, even though I can make dal and other dishes in the slow cooker. I would like to be able to stop on my way home and pick up the breads I want to go with my dinner. I think someone could make a lot of money opening such a bakery. Esp. if they have a tandoori oven too!

  10. Gentle press so that it rises a little bit! you are right too much pressure is not right..

  11. Perhaps the atta (dough) you make is a little too hard. Try making softer dough (I have a video for how to make dough for roti). Also while cooking don't put too much dry flour, only tiny- winy bit. Hope that helps!

  12. @eateastindian hii, i absolutely love our cooking 🙂 i just have a quick question. i use the same brand of atta as you do (golden temple) and every single time i make my roti's, paratha's, etc it ALWAYS turns out soo hard. its so dissapointing becuz i put alot of care into it each time 🙁 wat am i doing wrong? any suggestions for making perfect paratha's like yours?

  13. @Sonorite I actually find them easier to make coz I' ve been making them forever than dosa or idli coz I am from north and Dosa and Idli for me is like a special treat. Infact, I am always asking my South Indian friends for Dosas 🙂 Although once batter is made, idli's don't take much work and dosas are a delight in themselves. Have you tried puris?

  14. @Sonorite How about some Naan? and then cutting them into bite size pieces. I have couple of Naan making videos too..Or simply make some Veg Pilaf

  15. @acrow11 You are welcome. Appreciate your support!

  16. @sassimami08 Oh absolutely..wheat flour is commonly used to make parathas but yeah you can make them with ap flour..texture and taste will be different though..

  17. can this be made with ap flour if u dont have wheat flour?

  18. @saanjs lol..thanks for your comment but aren't paranthas worth all the smoke 🙂

  19. Ahh lot of smokes. Few years ago, when I first tried making Parathas, I remember the fire alarm rang up and my neighbours came to my house. Anyway, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  20. @mikecogan 🙂 Thanks for watching..Do Give it a try sometime!

  21. @vj0509 🙂 thanks! Hope you like paranthas as much as I do.

  22. @EasyRecipesWithTwist Thanks a lot!

  23. @999jimboy999 Awww..thanks for your kind words !

  24. @kadirecipes Thanks for watching!

  25. @ItsGoodCookin Yay..go for it 🙂

  26. That looked really good. I think Im going to try that tonight. thumbs up!

  27. Hum . you did it again .Another simple and yummy recipe.
    Keep the good job.

  28. beautiful india food made by a beautiful indian woman… You never fail to impress me with your food.

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