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Introduction to Sichuan Cuisine, NTD’s International Culinary Competition

Introduction to Sichuan Cuisine, NTD’s International Culinary Competition

Sichuan Cuisine
Sichuan cuisine carries very strong local characteristics and is mainly comprised of local food from Chongqing, Chengdu, northern and southern Chuan region. Szechuan cuisine employs close to 40 different techniques in its preparation including: braising, basting, dry-steaming, oil dripping, and different kinds of frying—stir fry, pan fry, deep fry, quick fry, dry stir-fry, soft fry and so on.

Sichuan cuisine pays particular attention to “balancing the flavors” and regards flavor as its foundation. The six basic flavors concerned are tingly spicy, hot spicy, sweet, salty, tangy, and bitter, and more flavors are produced through the combination of two or more of the basic flavors. The secret of the famous “hot” Sichuan cuisine lies in the skillful use of hot chili peppers for its vibrant red color and subtle spicy fragrance. Sichuan cuisine has 24 basic flavors, the most among all the Chinese cuisines. They can be categorized into 3 types:

1). Spicy category: tingly spicy, chilly oil spicy, sour-spicy, tingly pepper spicy, home-cooking flavor, Lychee spicy, Yushiang flavor (fish flavor spicy), orange flavor, strange flavor, and so on.

2). Savory category: garlic flavor, ginger flavor, mustard flavor, sesame flavor, smoke flavor, soy flavor, five-spice flavor, wine flavor and so on.

3). Fresh sweet sour category: salty savory, tomato flavor, sweet wine flavor, lychee flavor, sweet-sour flavor, fermented bean flavor and so on.


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  1. What peppers did Chinese use before the introduction of red chili peppers? Because red chili peppers that are in all Siichuan food are actually from Americas.

  2. Lol. What is sirshuan? 

  3. 恩,这个视频中的菜看得出是基本出自同家店。但很明显,这家店的菜卖相不好,色泽暗淡。较好的川菜卖相是色泽鲜亮的,有热情洋溢的感觉。并且,做法不正宗,我们不会把辣椒粉放在菜肴上用热油浇,而是将辣椒先炒香后加入菜,这样才入味。也不会直接在汤或面里加入辣椒粉,而是放辣椒油。不知道这家店是在哪儿找的。

  4. Sichuan mean 4 village. Spicy is mostly what they emphasis in their cooking.

  5. 川菜从你们这个杂种电视台里面讲出來完全是侮辱了川菜!你们这NDT的狗杂种

  6. LMAO,this is probably the stupidest question I've ever heard.

  7. 99% LOL. This is modern day China in one of its most productive provinces

  8. It is not expensive at all. There r five region in
    china which r very famous for their dishes. One of them is sichuan. Compare to other region famous dishes, in the past sichuan is the only region that its food is for average pple. Whereas other regions, most of their best dish is for kings only. Coz they use expensive ingredients (abalone, birdnest, duck) unlike Sichuan. So sichuan dishes are actually cheap.

  9. @schlagerhansi food comes from the majority, which is the poor, so everyone can afford variations of this dish, nicer restaurants would obviously use better ingrediants of high quality.

  10. Yer it's so cheap there I go praise and theres like noodles(mi fen) for like 4Yuan(around 80 cents)

  11. Wonder how many people in Sichuan can afford these fancy dishes: 10%? 5%? Or even less?

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