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Irish Coffee Cocktail Drink Recipe How to make a irish coffee instructional video; watch over 160 different free videos on shots, cocktails, mixed drinks and bartender techniques at from American Bartenders School Call 800-5532-9222 to join the fun


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  1. The name comes from using Irish Whiskey, not coming form Ireland.

  2. You people are a bunch of whiners. As long as there's a proper irish whiskey, and some coffee it's Irish coffee. As for adding sugar, whipped cream, thick cream, preheating the glass, etc.; that's all secondary.

    these days it's easy to look up and find out where something came from, and then argue on the Internet like you're the lord historian of coffee drinks, but not so long ago you just had to go with the best answer you had. His story isn't wrong, just incomplete.

  3. this guys a clown Irish coffee invented in San Francisco??

  4. Complete bollocks!

    1) it's Irish coffee, originally from Ireland!
    2) it's made with fresh cream, not some cheap shit from a can!

  5. Thanks for your comments. I only teach the drinks the way that they are made in the majority of US bars. There are always variations to drink recipes depending on the mixologist and the establishments.

  6. its from Ireland you donkey! it was brought to sf vista bar
    legend has it me arse!!
    bar school, !!!!???
    what a joke you are

  7. i can only agree to the other people … this is fucking horrible !!!
    besides you couldn´t drink that anyway cause there´s a freakin block of whipcream !!

  8. wa thats discusting………….. iam sorry nobody should go to his school …
    even the storey is wrong it was invented in ireland made for american pilots arriving near shannon… the cafe in sanfranciscos makes the original recipe though… put barspoon of brownsugar in the preheated cup fill with whiskey stir then add coffe stir again pour in beaten cream (shaken in a boston shaker) over a spoon and serve wit a smile

  9. If a friend ever made this for me and called it an Irish Coffee I would beat him to death with his own teeth.

  10. That is not a proper Irish Coffee !
    The cream should be done in a shaker, and then poured over the spoon. On the top You can put a little bit of chocolate or coffe.
    Plus a cube of brown sugar on the bottom.

  11. Should have been called "How not to make an Irish Coffee".

    What he just did would result in an automatic death sentence on the street in Ireland.

  12. This is the worst Irish Coffee ive seen.

  13. "BLEHH! Blended Canadian?! The only wiskey is Irish miskey! Bah!" Great line from Leprechaun 2

  14. that's not how you make an irish coffee at all

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