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Janmashtami Special-Panjiri/Panjeeri


“Panjeri” is the classic prasad served during Krishna janmastami.
Made by very few ingredients; this is favorite dish among devotees.


Ingredients: Ground Coriander seeds(kutta hua dhaniya) 150 gm
Powdered Sugar(chini) around 80 gm
Ghee(clarified butter) 1 tbsp
Almonds 4nos

Method: Heat up the ghee in a cooking pan(kadhai). Add the ground coriander seed(dhaniya). Roast it for about 1-2 minutes(it may take even less, prevent it from burning). Then, remove from heat. Pour it in another vessel and let it cool to room temperature. This may take a wait of 7-10 mins. Add the sugar and mix it well until completely done.

The aroma is undoubtedly not to be missed.

Add some chopped almonds on top.

Present it to lord. And, end your fast with panjeri. You may even prepare this dish if you are not fasting.


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  1. TheHitmanuk ..thats not any gloves..thats cotton kitchen tea towel.. which is widely used in india..

  2. Thanks for the compliment!
    I or my mom in the video has not used any plastic gloves, We have used a kitchen towel to hand the hot kadhai and a measuring cup(which was made out of plastic).
    We also know that heat can melt the plastic and the food may be poisonous.

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