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Long Island Ice Tea HD

Long Island Ice Tea HD drink recipe cocktail that is sure to get you going. Impress you friends with this sexy drink recipe. It’s one of the most popular drinks.From the instructors at American Bartending School, where in 2 weeks you can become a certified bartender. Call 800-736-1001 for information. More cocktail drink recipes at http://barbook.com


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  1. Why is the written recipe at the end of the video different from what you demonstrated during the video?

  2. That is right that water and dye that is the class room I would not abuse all that alcohol and pour it down the drain,Everything is simulated. Feel free to make them at home and taste the rainbow.

  3. Your using water in those bottles, right? I just realized that's probably why the color is always off on these videos.

    I have to say that the new videos are quite a bit better than the old ones.

  4. That is one strong drink

  5. Great video, very informative, thanks.

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