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Make Whipped Cream from Chickpeas – Only 2 Ingredients | Aquafaba – Eggless Recipes Series

Whipped Cream or Whipping Cream is a thing that is not easily available in India.. Many people opt for a Vegan Lifestyle in that case as well, using dairy whipping cream is not possible. No more worries, AquaFaba is here. How to make Whipped Cream from Chickpeas(or as we call here in India – Chola), super easy, simple and is vegan!

Second issue we face is making egg-free recipes.. Worry not, there’s a new revolutionary(Sounds like a marketing gig but not at all, it’s true keep reading) egg replacer in your own kitchen that not only replaces eggs very well in normal recipes but whips very well to make meringues, macaroons, and many more recipes..

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  1. thank you so much for this video 💖

  2. Thank u so much for this recipe . Specially for kind of mine people because we r jain.

  3. will others be able to know it is made of aquafaba

  4. can I use it for decorating birthday cake?

  5. for how long can u store in the deep freeze ?

  6. Fabulous… Thnx for sharing this amazing recipe

  7. Hi so I tried doing it four times and all in vain. It stays only liquid pls help ?

  8. This is fantastic ☺☺

  9. I just happen to be cooking some chickpeas right now, I'm glad I came across your video. :)

  10. Wow, this is so cool!!!

  11. +CookingShooking does it taste like regular whipped cream

  12. how do I get thicker aquafaba?

  13. BT its a healthy way of whipping cream I think

  14. can we use hand blender ,becoz I am not having the machine which u used for whipping

  15. Cooking in pressure cookers shouldn't be measured in number of whistles, can you tell us approximate time taken? 

  16. is it sweet in tis whipped cream? can i add sugar if its tasteless.

  17. Can I use other bean water other than chickpeas? Please answer my friend.

  18. How long we may preserve this cream either in a cool place or in a air tight jar
    The.icing sugar you mixed in that instead the condensed milk we may use?

  19. Does it taste funny? I would like to try it😊

  20. Thank you for sharing it!!! 💜 👌

  21. in my cooker the chickpeas are boiled in 4 whistles…..what should i do….

  22. can I use this for icecream

  23. what is the ratio of chickpeas to water while boiling

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