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Microwave Pizza Recipe | Start to Finish Easy Veg Pizza Made in Microwave Oven

Today, let’s make a Veg Cheese Pizza in a Microwave Oven, without using Convection Mode from scratch, that is first we are going to make the dough, then make the pizza. This is a quick pizza recipe, as in it takes just about 5-6 mins to cook the pizza which otherwise takes 15-25 minutes. So if you want to make a pizza in microwave at home, here is the recipe you were waiting for 🙂

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Sugar – 1 tsp
Yeast – 1 tsp
Water – 1/2 cup
Maida – 1 cup
MIlk Powder – 2 tbsp
Salt – 1 tsp
Oil – 2 tbsp

For Rolling: Corn Meal – 3 tbsp
Toppings: Ketchup / Pizza Sauce – 4 tbsp
Pizza Cheese – 1/2 cup (i used go)
Capsicum – 3 colors
Onion – 1
Oregano & Chili Flakes – as desired

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  1. hey yaman, could you make a video on how to make pizza sauce and also 1000 island sauce…. plssssss!!

  2. Very yum i cook this for my kids and they eat it and i sell it and get very much robux

  3. What should i COMMENT? 😕

  4. can v use atta instead maida/ mix both??

  5. P.s love all your videos ★★★

  6. If it is an 'instant yeast' why do you need to let it rest for 10 minutes?

  7. Can we use readymade pizza base..what are the instructions then

  8. How can you use grill rack in microwave.

  9. Are you a south Indian??????!!!!!

  10. chutiya banaa dis pahale bola microwave mode fir gril mode pe aa gya

  11. which oven will be better under 700

  12. U used metal rack in microwave mode?

  13. Hi, can you tell me which brand of cheese you use coz i used milky mist and amul mozzarella cheese but they tend to slide off after cooking and also want to know what brand of milk powder do you use

  14. Its very nice but sir steel rack is not use in microwave mode

  15. hello yaman doing good have a doubt
    the yeast which u used was instant yeast
    when i went to stores they said they have active dry yeast what should i do
    then i tried doing with it but when i proved the yeast it had a pungent smell
    so i didnt feel adding it
    plzzz sayy
    have this doubt for long time
    thank you!

  16. how to make without yeast

  17. Amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  18. That's a very good recipe. I have been following you from a long time. I love cooking and I love the way you are passionate about cooking. You are really big inspiration to me and looking at you I feel of starting a youtube channel. It's fun to watch and learn from your videos. You are doing an excellent job. Can't wait to learn more from you.

  19. This was really needed. Thanks a loooooot. Please upload microwave recipes like this. That would be awesome.

  20. Its yummy. I I'll try. Bt pls tl v should use micro, grill, & convention mode.

  21. Please tell recipe for pizza without yeast

  22. ☺💘 luv d Pizza! Keep up the work, #lovecookingshooking, plz make no fire recipes, I can get some evening snack recipes, bdw I did d modaks following ur recipe, everyone appreciated me, but real thanks to you😀😀

  23. So easy delicious loved it☺☺

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