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Midori Sour Cocktail Drink Recipe How to make a midori sour instructional video; watch over 160 different free videos on shots, cocktails, mixed drinks and bartender techniques at from American Bartenders School Call 800-5532-9222 to join the fun


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  1. perhaps hes had too much to drink. hahaha

  2. would never order any drink on earth from this guy. maybe a water if i was desperate.

  3. i use a pint glass on this drink not a martini glass

  4. They see me trollin. They hatin.

  5. temper, temper have you ever thought of an anger management class? What make you such an expert?

  6. I think this should be answered by a speech expert

  7. @Azureecosse

    yeah and Brits cannot say "Can't"… you replace the A with a U… Dirty minds I suppose.

  8. Liquer should always be pronounced Lickcure. Always makes me smile when Americans cannot pronouce certain words another is Herbs but Yanks say erbs where did the H go, was it not the Americans who made the film Herbie how come they can say that without dropping the H.

  9. "lick-her" . There is an e in liqueur. Pronounce it.

  10. Shake it 8 or 9 times but he just shock it about 25 times lol

  11. Midori is green in Japanese. Midori sour.

  12. @YouAreDirt well the bar mix i have dont have sugar in it so in a sour, i usually add a teaspoon of sugar…so technically 3 ingredients for me.

  13. It's all about technique and giving additional information

  14. Just so I'm clear…..this video is nearly five minutes long…..for a drink that consists of TWO ingredients….

  15. OMG!! Stop talking and show me how to make the drink already. This reall torture =/

  16. 3:04-3:08 he sounds like he's Irish.

  17. most do but so really fancy bars have refrigerators normals sized not mini and they keep just glasses and glasses to chill

  18. bars don't have time to make it themselves, idiot.

  19. @305eddie1 only when its straight up but this drink is served in a rocks glass most of the time. chilling the glass is usually for martinis…

  20. does every bartender put ice and water on the glass so it can "chill"

  21. 1:57

  22. gorgeous drink, pourers suck.

  23. ill run circles around this fool behind the rail.

  24. i want something super sour

  25. midori is japanese for green so its a green sour

  26. 1/2 real lemon
    1/4 real orange
    2 wedge real lime
    teaspoon sugar
    50ml madori
    white of one egg
    shacken vigerously and served over ice
    far superior recipie
    this set up can also be used for any sours recipie for pretty damn good results
    try ammertto

  27. First, jumpstart your technique with the shaker by NOT shaking it up and down, rather move back to front over your shoulder horizontally using both hands. Second, it would been great if you showed how to make a blended version.

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