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Mimosa Cocktail Drink Recipe

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  1. it's a good drink ! I tried it a few times!

  2. Before I continue,I just need to mke sure that your comment advising someone to kleep their comments to themselves was directed at me or at Sarah Stone

  3. Ahem there is already a Champagne Orange juice cocktail, it's called a "Bucks Fizz". why complicate things by duplicating a recipe. All it does is confuse people

  4. champagne and oj thats it this drink is lame

  5. What were you doing at state University spending your inheritance at the bar.

  6. Keep you're stupid comments to yourself.

  7. Wow, a video on how to make a Mimosa? You guys should have gone to a state university!

  8. Thanks for the information. I sure it taste very good with Passion Fruit. I believe it's easier to get in Latin America.

  9. Here in latin america is made with Passion Fruit, not Orange

  10. @jtiano Hey… you got one right. Good jorb!

  11. ….so that o.j. was, "fresh?" Looks like Daily's. Let's recap: Red wine glass, filled with 6…7…8 oz of champagne, topped with another 2….3…4 oz of room temp orange-flavored mixer? Dude. START CARING. Take an original recipe from ANYTHING. Make it exactly the way they say. Then make yours. Taste both. If you still think that your way is better, then you really should take my Kung Fu class. I've seen a lot of Kung Fu movies, and find myself fully qualified to teach. Seem familiar?

  12. The original recipe used presecco a sparkling Italian wine. Since you're mixing it with orange juice, use an inexpensive dry champagne.

  13. What is the best type of champagne to make a mimosa with??

  14. So easy to make but so good im sippin one now!

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