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Mini Philly Cheesesteaks Super Bowl Recipe – Yo! Bite-Sized Philly Cheese Steaks!

Learn how to make Mini Philly Cheese Steaks! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy these easy Mini Philly Cheese Steaks!


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  1. Everything you make looks so good!

  2. These make a yummy lunch for the grandchildren, with a small salad or fruit. No need to say, finish up!

  3. Nice little app. I'll be doing this in the near future.

  4. Hey thanks for this recipe! I made it for my girlfriends family on Super Bowl Sunday and they were quite impressed!!
    I had some leftover ingredients and ended up making the best grilled cheese sandwich EVER. If anyone has leftover meat/relish mix, definitely make one for yourself. It's really good if you use sourdough bread.

  5. told some people about this site,they considered themselves really bad cooks,after watching chef john,they got confidence to learn . they,in the past few months,have taken the baton and impressed folks with their new found knowledge,in fact they eat healthy food and enjoy what they now do,they were intimidated by the cooks on tv and found chef john to be easy going,and    easy going,funny how a person can make one of the fundementals of life so pleasureable.kudos chef john

  6. Die hard food wishes fan, die hard Chicago Bears fan…that Packers joke had me laugh so hard I dropped my phone 😆📱

  7. I'll make this for my kids,they love Philly steaks.

  8. Why did I fart and laugh so hard when Chef John said "You are the Sylvester Stalone of your provolone". ? Lol

  9. Chef! I'm from Philly. LOL on that comment! BRAVO.👏👏👏

  10. I've made, like, one of your recipes, but Chef John is my favorite. :3

  11. What a brilliant idea !!! Never thought of using a white sauce with cheese for a spread. Me thinks thou doth need some parm in that cheese sauce lol I guess for those who have to have tomato sauce ( my husband) on their steak sandwich you could add a bit to the chopped up steak. Great football food, as long as I don't have to watch it.:o)

  12. cmon haven't you been doing this long enough to not get offended. so you try to offend a town over a recipe comment. if you don't want people to comment get a different job. I loved your videos , sorry if its confusing

  13. Love the commentary. Fun to watch. Looks yummy!

  14. These would disappear in 3 seconds at any party.

  15. im only clicking away because im hungry and this looks amazing.

  16. I just had an epiphany. Chef John's hallmark last statement. I realize I don't like the Internet in general, but I do "enjoy" his channel.

  17. This would be good inside a half of a scooped out baked potato

  18. Hey chef John your videos are so amazing
    And my sister said your a bitch

  19. I swear I will swear if I get hungry

  20. i thought it was a good concept…I'll try it first and see if i want to change it…
    if you haven't tried it…what good are your comments other than speculation.

  21. +John Mitzewich Could add cayenne to water and make it decadent. Much <3 Chef.

  22. This is hella late, but if I wanted to adapt your provolone cheez whiz into a pasta sauce, would I just double the milk and seasoning so it's a bit runnier?

  23. wish i be there to just taste it. Please hire me

  24. I bet this is pretty good, but it sure isn't a Philly Steak and Cheese.

  25. I can see a reflection of u from the stirring pan

  26. This is the first time i leave a comment the reason is i really admire chefs voice in how he makes the video very very intresting. I really ENJOY!.

  27. im a huge packers fan so that opener hurt a bit lol, but your channel has helped me become a much better cook, so i guess ill forgive you.  I know it must be tough being a 49ers fan right now big willis fan. Thanks for the recipes.

  28. +Team Coco Looks like Wikibear is also a cook!!:D

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