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Moong Dal ka Halwa/Sheera



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  1. Will it taste good with jaggery instead of sugar?

  2. Please make moong dal halwa again…this is not so clear. ..

  3. Dear u need to describe all ingredients with measurements initially before progressing to cook.ur vedio quality is not upto the nark, also more detailed measurements and procedure reqjired.plz try more recipes.thnx

  4. Thanks,

    You probably, dint roast it well last time 🙂 Make sure that the dal is not a paste like. It should be coarse. Also to roast until golden 🙂

    Do try it, and let us know the outcome 🙂

  5. I added Hot milk in which some yellow food color is added!

    Sorry, i could not create this video good and helpful.. will re-upload this recipe in HD Soon!

  6. after all this process, when ur moong dal turned golden in colour .. what was the thing you added to it? before sugar…..

  7. Sis,

    I assume that u mean Ghee also known as Clarified Butter.. which i added to the kadhai after that i added Atta(wheat flour).. Ghee is the main for all types of Halwas/Sheeras and more recipes..

    Hope ur doubts are cleared.. 🙂

    Happy Cooking!!

  8. bro what was that bit yellowish liquid thing, which you added to the moong dal..??

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