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Native American Cuisine: Chef Nephi Craig

Executive Chef Nephi Craig, describes Native American Cuisine and The Native American Culinary Association. Chef Craig conducts lectures on Native American Culinary Culture and History, provides training to schools, restaurants and organizations. Chef Craig has cooked in Sao Paulo Brazil; London, UK; Cologne, Germany; and Osaka, Japan. Chef Craig is an advocate for Native Foods, Wellness and Culinary Culture Building in America and abroad. He can be reached at [email protected]

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  1. The best Native American food is "Quinoa"

  2. Thank you for your endeavor to preserve and promote the positive benefits of Native American foods. If I had not been so easily influence and tempted by "modern" foods, I would not have diabetes, but I believe your reservoir of knowledge can be helpful to change some of these diseases caused by "wrong foods."

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