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Nutella & Hazelnut Ice Cream – Beat the Heat | Eggless – Without Ice Cream Maker

Whether its in any form, over a slice of bread or just some leftover on the spoon, Its our favorite. Here, I bring my extremely creamy like soft serve n kinda gooey Nutella & Hazelnut Ice Cream which has a crunch from Hazelnuts. This ice cream is so so addictive, yet made with simple ingredients without any eggs or any fancy equipment like ice cream maker. Why not give it a try and beat the heat?

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  1. can u make pasta in different way

  2. wow it is amazing and I am going to try it thank-you for such great recipes 😋😋😋🍦🍦🍦🍦🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴

  3. ur wipped cream is sweet or normal n which companys u use

  4. what kind of milk u use..fullcream or normal..n why as it will form ice crystals. ..rec is nice

  5. Can we make it without electric beater

  6. Where you mixing it every half an hour? Your container was kind of messy on the edges.

  7. You are amazing! Please, explain what is it that makes this ice cream so creamy without using an ice cream maker/machine?

  8. can we use normal cream …

  9. Thank you for the recipe My kids loved it so much they were fighting for the last few bites 😀😀😀

  10. i lke ur confident… yur amazing….. thumbs up

  11. I don't have milk powder it okk that without milk powder

  12. U r are brillaint. Way to go…

  13. Hey buddy, the recipe looks superb and i tried it without the hazel nut and nutella. I whipped some amul cream(take out the whey part as suggested in your other video) and it whipped well, i added condensed milk,sugar and melted chocolate, also some cocoa powder. I mixed all this with a whisker and also added a bit of milk. Now i'm trying to freeze it but its been almost 16-20 hours. it just doesn't freeze as it should. Any idea what i might be doing wrong?

  14. what kind of whipping cream do you use? I generally use non dairy (rich's/tropolite etc.) will that work for this recipe? 
    Also, awesome recipe! :D

  15. Had made this ice cream. It was super delicious

  16. Looks amazing! You just won another subscriber!

  17. I loved this recipe…..

  18. TOO GOOD. .just two words are more than enough to comment for your recipes. ..I have tried few of it and it's as simple and easy to make as shown…thnx buddy. .kp it up…

  19. that looks awesome! and i like ur accent :D

  20. This Is amazing yummy 

  21. tried this recipe. it was THE BEST. superb.fantastic. lot better than the market ones.even the foreign brands are nothing compared tot hsi icecream. could you pls show how to make CHOCOLATES, tuity fruity icecream, black currant icecream? from where did you learn icecreams? too yummy. also, they serve butterscotch welcome drink in 5 star hotels. do you how to make them? they are so good.thanks once again. pls continue to show more recipes like this.

  22. Hi, just wanted to make sure. Did you use powdered sugar in this recipe or icing sugar because icing sugar contains cornflour? You certainly have some 5 star hotel recipes on your site. and they look exotic too. gonna try them all. god bless you. :)

  23. Hi!
    Can u pls post icecreams made of yogurt? 

  24. Hi!
    Can u pls post icecreams made of yogurt? 

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