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Peppercorn Encrusted New York Strip Steak

A great steak made even better with encrusted peppercorn. Chef Witcher knows how to get it done!


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  1. Really good , and you started so bad …. thanks for the sauce and recipe . I would add also some ginger with the garlic , but … super .

  2. Man how many grams of fat has he totaled?

  3. No need to look for any further New York Strip recipes after seeing this one! This is IT!

  4. what can you put instead of chery?

  5. salt only dries out the steak, if you salt it a day before you cook it. if you salt and pepper crust it 15-30-60 minutes before cooking, you'll be fine. i've cooked hundreds of strip steaks. if your strip steak is dry, then you cooked it way too long. kudos to you, though. it's hard to screw up a strip steak, to the point that its dry……..

  6. if your steak is dry its because of over cooking not salt

  7. Never put Salt on a Steak before cooking, dries out the meat, but the rest looks tasty

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