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Pie recipes.Pie of the Lady Baltimore

Pie recipes. Pie of the Lady Baltimore


3 glasses of flour
4 h. l. baking powder
175 g of butter
1,5 glasses of sugar
4 proteins
1 glass of milk
1 tsp. almond essence
3/4 tsp. salts
butter for greasing

For egg white cream:
3 egg white
3 glasses of sugar
1/2 tsp. white wine vinegar
1/4 tsp. almond essence
salt pinch

For a nut and fruit stuffing:
2 glasses of halves of walnuts
10 fruits of a dry fig
raisin handful

For syrup:
1 glass of sugar
2 tablespoons of the Amaretto liqueur


For a nut and fruit stuffing crush nuts and a fig, add raisin, fill in with cognac and leave to be drawn on 2–3 h.

For cake layers sift flour with a baking powder and salt.Butter pound with a glass of sugar until white. Alternating, enter in butter 1/4 of flour mix, then 1/3 milks and so on, so far flour mix and milk won’t end. Add almond essence and also knead to uniformity.

Beat whites with salt in foam, continue to shake up, gradually adding 1/2 glasses of sugar, to the brilliant resistant foam. Enter whites into dough and it is accurate rake mix from top to down, to uniformity.

Divide dough into 3 parts. In the buttered demountable to form with a diameter of 22-24 cm consistently bake 3 cake layers in warmed to 350 F. to an oven. Bake each cake layer to golden color about 30 min. Then get from ovens, leave for 5 min. in shape, then take out and cool on a metal lattice.

For syrup, stirring slowly, you will boil 1/2 glasses of water with sugar also you cook 6–7 min. Add “Amaretto” and alcohol, filtered from mix for a nut and fruit stuffing.
Impregnate the cooled-down cake layers with hot syrup.

For protein cream shake up the whites in strong foam in to heat resisting deep ware. In a pan with a thick bottom fill in sugar with 1 glass of water, add wine vinegar.
You cook syrup on weak fire at continuous stirring about 20 min., so far from it at a spoon not thin caramel threads will be extended. Ready thin stream pour in hot syrup in whipped whites at continuous stirring, having at the same time added salt and almond essence. After all syrup is it is entered into whites, continue to shake up 2-3 more min.

Divide proteinaceous cream into 2 parts. Mix one with mix of nuts and fruit – will turn out nut and fruit stuffing. On a dish lay out the first cake layer, cover it
half of a nut and fruit stuffing. From above lay out the second cake layer, cover it remained nut and fruit stuffing. Put the third cake layer, miss the mark a pie from above and with sides proteinaceous cream. Leave in the refrigerator for 4–6 h.

Bon appetit! Pie recipes.


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