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Pineapple Pastry | Pineapple Cake | Cooker Cake | EGGLESS BAKING WITHOUT OVEN

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I’m here with this luscious pineapple cake.. Oh yes, this is also in our Eggless Baking Without Oven series! Which ofcourse means this cake is made without oven and without

Have you checked out my Black Forest Cake Recipe? Which is also in the same Series? If not check it out now:

Thanks 🙂

If you have something that you want us to make.. Let me know!

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  1. hii…..instead of condense milk i wana add eggs..can i..if yes then hw many does it require….waiting fr ur rply….

  2. We can use hand to cream 😞😞😞

  3. Hi
    you used only whipping cream for this cake? or fresh cream too?
    for the inside filling we need to beat only whipping cream?

  4. your recpie ar suparb and easy

  5. can we make this cake in electric oven? If yes, could you please tell me the temperature at which we have to bake and time for baking? Thank you in advance :)

  6. hey i tried this cake but the sponge was not to spongy y so

  7. i am so not able to make whipping cream.!!

  8. and also tell me,exact time for pre heated cooker

  9. can we use fresh cream instead of whipping one?

  10. may i know which comapnys blender that u are using, you also used another mixer in white forest cake , could you please let me know which blender the best blender to buy, which company……

  11. hi cooking shooking I tried your black forest cake. it was so yummy .
    but now could you pls tell a nice cooker cake without cream, oven or chocolate.
    pls tell bcze I want to prepare it to my sis's b'day

  12. I saw ur video of making whipped cream but I was not successful. Please let me know which cream to use and where I can get that.

  13. Today I am going to try this. Hope it will be good

  14. whats the substitute for baking soda

  15. plz tell can we use oil instead of butter in every baking

  16. plz tell can we use oil instead of butter in every baking

  17. hey chef can u plss explain how make tht design ???

  18. nice recipe. can you brief on the options available for whipped cream in India …. I Tried from Amul fresh cream following ur recipe. once it was fine but the other time it melted.
    plz tell the options and source for both dairy and non dairy whipped cream.
    can we make whipping cream at home ?

  19. tell me pls frm where u got this stand mixer n also tell me its brand..

  20. surely gonna try dis one.. amazing it is.. thank u so much for sharing ur receipes wid us.. keep going!!

  21. Could u tell me the exact name of the cream u whipped?

  22. Is it the normal butter you have used or the unsalted one? AND which is the best whipping cream brand i can buy from market?

  23. M making it rite now. I hope its turns out nice as yurs

  24. Hi, will cake become hard if it keep in freezer to set whipped cream?

  25. shoudn't we put pineapple extract or we should put it in the wipped cream

  26. Hey. Can we use the same recipe to cook in the oven ?
    Thanks !

  27. can u plz tell me how much eggs,i can use instead of 1/2 cup tin of condensd,milk in ths recipe???
    kindly reply mje kal cake bnana hai :(

  28. aapne jo cream batai hai vo ek dam galat hai

  29. looking yummy! !!! I will try this. …

  30. How to make design on butter paper, I really like it

  31. I made and it was good, thanks👍👌

  32. I prepared your pineapple cake recipe..and every one praised it. Thanks for sharing such a perfect recipe.

  33. chef……..which cream did u use 4 icing d cake

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